Monday, 29 April 2013

Spring shopping OOTD

Hi there!

Yesterday I went shopping in Oxford Street to look for an outfit to wear on my leavers day. Here are a few pictures of my outfit that my friend Becca took (who also has a blog that I will link at the end!). The outfit is fairly summery and something that is very comfortable and easy to wear. All items that I am wearing are listed at the end of the post!

I hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful for planning Spring outfits. 

Charlotte's web x x x 

All the items featured in this post are from Topshop (except the puppy!)

Becca's blog:


Sunday, 7 April 2013

Origins Super Spot Remover review

Hi there!

A couple of posts ago, I wrote about how much I loved the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish and today’s post is going to be about another skincare product I use in alongside with my cleanser. After I cleanse in the evening I apply my Origins Super Spot Treatment. I squeeze a small amount of the product (you really do only need a tiny bit!) onto a cotton bud and then simply apply that to the spot or blemish.

The bottle itself only contains 10ml which seems like a very small amount however you only need to apply it in small quantities and so the bottle actually lasts for a very long time! I don't use this product every day as I sometimes feel that it can dry out the area of skin around the spot or blemish so I use use it about 3 times a week to try and prevent this.

This product is great for speeding up the healing process and also reducing redness around that area although I do not think that the spot treatment gets rid of blemishes and spots completely.

Overall I would say that this product has worked really well for me apart from the drying out of skin and I will definitely continue to use it until it is empty and will probably repurchase after it is empty! It is on the higher end of my budget but I definitely think it is worth the money. I picked mine up from the Origins counter in John Lewis for £14.00.

Have you tried any origins products? Which were your favourites?


Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Mac 'Rebel' lipstick review

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Throughout my years of blog reading and Youtube watching, I have heard a lot about mac lipsticks. The main thing that appeals to me about mac lip products over other brands is the wide colour range.  Recently I have been on the hunt for a lipstick that is a bit more bright-quite different to something that I would usually go for but I thought adding a bolder colour to my collection would add more variety.

The shade I went for is called ‘rebel’ and I would describe it as a fuchsia/berry colour. It is very pretty on the lips and I think would work best with minimal eye makeup as it may look quite heavy if you were to wear a smokey eye look too.

I absolutely love this colour and another bonus of it is that it has blue undertones in it so this makes your teeth appear whiter. The lipstick retails at £14 which is on the pricey side but I would say it is definitely worth it because it’s such a pretty wearable shade.

Before purchasing this lipstick the main colours in my collection were nudes and pinks but after branching out into brighter shades I think I will be purchasing more as not only do they complete a makeup look but they can also add a pop of colour to an outfit that is more simplistic.

Which is your favourite mac lipstick?

Charlotte’s web x x x 
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