Friday, 5 July 2013

Cleaning make up brushes!

Hi there!

Todays post is about a job that I usually dread carrying out even though it is really simple and easy! Cleaning make-up brushes should be carried out regularly as not only do the brushes get make-up building up in them but they also carry a lot of germs. Every time you use your brushes (in particular face brushes) they pick up germs or bacteria from your skin and so when you use them again you are putting those germs back onto your skin which leads to spots. Although washing brushes is a very mundane and boring job, it's very important if you want to keep your skin as clear as possible :)

When I washed my brushes a couple of days ago, I took some pictures at each step so that in this post I can go through exactly how I wash my make-up brushes.

These are the brushes that I am washed for this post. The gold coloured brushes are from the Core Collection from Real Techniques and the pink brush is also from Real Techniques and is the Stippling Brush. This picture is just before I washed my brushes and so they are dirty in this picture. 

In your sink, run some warm water. You will need enough water to be able to rinse your brushes in and also to dip them into the water so make sure you have run enough for this to be possible.


Pick a shampoo of your choice to wash your brushes with. It can be any shampoo at all and I just chose this Dove one because I was using it at the time to wash my hair with. 

Pour some of the shampoo onto the palm of your hand. I would advise you to use roughly the amount pictured above as this is the perfect amount to be able to clean the brush with!


Dip your brush into the water and then into the shampoo in your hand and use circular motions to create a lather that will clean the make up from your brush. Continue repeating this process by dipping the brush back into the water to clean excess shampoo from it and then lather again. By repeating you are helping to ensure your brushes will be as clean as possible!


Finally, rinse all the shampoo off of your brushes and dab them onto a towel to make sure there isn't a lot of water left in your brush as this could damage it. After towel drying them, leave your brushes in a warm place so that they can fully dry off.

And that's it! A very simple way to clean your make up brushes :) I hope that this post has been useful for those of you who may have been unsure on how to do this and hope you enjoyed reading.

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