Saturday, 27 July 2013

Nail art ideas!

Hi there!

Since leaving school at the end June I have taken advantage of being able to wear nail varnish and have been experimenting with nail art ideas. I thought I would do a post on my 3 favourite nail designs and share how I created each of them. 

The first and my most loved nail design of this post is the watermelon nails. I love this design for summer as it's so bright and fun and was so easy to create :)

1) Apply a base coat to your nails
2) Apply a shade of red of your choice all over the nail (depending on the brand and quality you may need to repeat this step)
3) apply a green nail varnish to the tips of your nails to form the outside of the watermelon.
4) Using a nail art pen (if you do not have one of these, dipping a cocktail stick in black nail varnish works just as well) apply dots to the red part of your nail.
5) Voila! Perfect watermelon nails :) :)
These daisy nails can be painted onto any base colour which is why I love them so much; they work with whichever colour you fancy :)

1) Apply a base coat to your nails
2) cover your whole nail with your chosen colour. I would advise using a darker colour so that the white of the flower petals shows up
3) Using a nail art pen (again cocktail sticks work just as well) apply a yellow dot in approximently the center of your nail.
4) Around the yellow spot, apply white dots of roughly the same size to form the petals of the daisy.
5) Finish off with a top coat to prevent chipping!
Lastly, I have chosen to include a fairly simple and easy yet fun design that I think works all year round.

1) Apply a base coat
2) Apply chosen colour (again I would recommend something darker so the white shows up so avoid colours like pale pink)
3) Using a nail art pen, draw thin lines onto your nail to create a pin stripe design. Continue to do this on alternate nails.
4) On the nails in between draw small dots to form a polka dot pattern
5) Complete the design with a top coat for extra shine!

And those are my top three nail art designs! I use nail art pens that came in a set from Hamleys and unfortuantley I can't find the exact ones that I have but they have some very similar HERE . Nail art pens can be purchased from quite a few shops including Ebay which has some for very affordable prices however as I said in this post cocktail sticks work just as well!

I hope you enjoyed this slightly more creative post, I had a lot of fun writing it!

Charlotte's web x x x 
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