Monday, 26 August 2013

August favourites!

Hi there!

This is my first ever monthly favourites post, yay! I’m not sure if I will make these posts every month as I usually just stick to the products I’ve been loving and so wouldn’t really have that much to share with you, however this month seeing as it was my birthday and I've been shopping a few times, I thought it would be fun to share all the things I’ve loved.

To make it a bit more interesting I've decided to include some non beauty items too.

 First up is this Collection cream puff in the shade 'Cotton Candy. I mentioned it previously in a haul post and ever since buying it have been wearing it a lot. The shade I picked up is a very wearable colour and I think this is the main reason why I've got so much use out of it. It is a cross between a matte lipstick and a lip gloss and for only £2.99, I’m definitely going to try and pick up some more colours.

My next favourite of August is this MUA nail polish in the shade pistachio. I have been wanting the essie ‘mint candy apple’ nail polish for a while now but I can only justify spending £7.99 on a nail varnish if I know I can’t find a similar colour elsewhere for a lower price. I’m really glad I didn’t pick up the essie polish because I found this mua one for only £1! The colour is pretty much identical to that of mint candy apple and the formula is amazing; I only had to apply one coat and I was really impressed with how pigmented (can nail polish be pigmented or is that only eye shadow etc? Hmmm..) it was.

Probably the most prettily packaged item to ever be shown on my blog, my next favourite is my Marc Jacobs ‘Daisy’ perfume. I have been wanting this for absoloutley ages as it smells a-mazing and I was so happy when I received it from my parents for my birthday. This was a birthday present so i'm not sure how much/where my mum picked this up from but I know that is is available in Debenhams as every time I go in there a spray a little haha.  I’m not great at describing fragrances so I thought it would be easier/more helpful for me just to include a link to it so you can read all about the undertones/tones of the fragrance from someone who knows what they are talking about!

Moving on from beauty products, I took a little trip into Cambridge the other day with my sister and decided to pick up another pair of converse. I’m not a massively obsessed with shoes and never really buy that many pairs as I always feel like I’d rather spend my money on clothes instead but seeing as I start sixth form at the beginning of September, I thought it would be handy to have another pair of comfy, easy to style shoes. I bought mine from Office  for £44.95 and I can’t wait to wear them!

My last favourite of the month is something that I knew I had to include as soon as I was planning this post! If you know me in person you’ll know that I have a tiny bit of a thing for Leonardo DiCaprio and so I decided for my birthday I would ask for a few of his films that I hadn’t yet seen. I hadn't seen Inception before simply because I’d heard about how confusing it was and thought it might not be my cup of tea but oh how wrong I was! This was the best film I have seen in a long time and Leo was as always, amazing. If you haven’t seen this yet I definitely recommend that you do as I’m planning on watching it again already because I enjoyed it so much!

That’s all of my august favourites; I really hope you enjoyed my first favourites post and let me know in the comments if you have tried any of the products mentioned and if you liked them too!


Thursday, 22 August 2013

The Liebster Award!

Hi there!

Last week when checking my emails I found that both Erin and Georgina had tagged me to do the Liebster Award! Some people may know of the award but if you haven't come across it before then it is a fun way for bloggers to discover other blogs and is aimed at those with under 200 followers. The award works by one person answering the questions previously set for them and then tagging 10 more bloggers to answer a set of ten new questions. Seeing as I was tagged by both Erin and Georgina, I decided to answer 5 questions from each of them so the post isn't really long! 

Erin's questions:

1) How would you describe your individual style?
For some reason I found this question really difficult to answer haha! I would say that the majority of my clothes are pretty casual which I really like because you can easily dress it up or keep it more suitable for the day time but other pieces of mine are a bit more unusual and fun. For example my tartan trousers (featured in my haul post) are something a bit different but that I love all the same :)

2)Favourite song at the moment?
This was a no brainer; Best Song Ever by 1D really is the best song ever!!

3) If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
The one place in the world which I would absoloutley love to visit is America. For a while I had a bit of an obsession with moving there when I'm older but seeing as my phobia for flying gets worse every time I step on a plane, I think I might be being a little ambitious.

4) If you could use just one item from your make-up collection, what would you keep?
I would probably have to keep my mac studio fix fluid foundation because I feel a lot more confident when my spots are less visible and this foundation is really high coverage so perfect for masking all blemishes and spots.

5)Any phobias or pet peeves?
I could literally write a whole blog post about my phobias I have soooo many! Mainly spiders and insects in general, flying, over taking whilst driving, clowns, answering the phone, the ocean/tsunami's, boats, the dentist and a few other weird ones too!

Georgina's questions:

6) What is your favourite season?
My favourite season would have to be winter because of Christmas! When it starts approaching Christmas I turn into an over excitable child and become a little obsessed with all things sparkly, tinsel-y and magical; I love it!

7)What is your favourite pastel colour?
For anyone that knows me they will straight away know that this answer is very very! I'm sat writing this blog post with pink nail varnish and wearing pink pyjama's. I'm obsessed. 

8) Main haircare product?
This would have to be my argan oil, it makes my hair amazingly soft and keeps it in really good condition. 

9)What/who inspired you to start your blog?
I've been reading blogs and watching YouTube video's for five years now and always thought of it as something that I would definitely do when I was a bit older. Earlier this year I decided I wanted to start a YouTube channel soon and thought that creating a blog first would be a good platform to begin at. So far I really love having a blog and being able to write about all my favourite things and am planning on starting my YouTube really soon. 

10) Favourite high end and drugstore brands?
My favourite high end brand would be mac as I love my foundation and think the quality and coverage is much better than any I have tried in the past and my favourite drugstore brand would be Collection as I love their concealer and lip products. 

So those are the questions I chose, I hope you enjoyed reading my answers and finding out a little more about me:)
I am going to tag:
eeek, I realised whilst doing this that I don't follow anyone else with under 200 followers so couldn't tag 10 people:(

My questions:

1)If you could just buy clothes from one shop from the rest of your life where would it be?
2) All time favourite make up brand?
3) Who is your biggest style icon?
4) Who is your favourite blogger?
5) What is your favourite nail polish brand?
6) If you had £1000 what would you buy first?
7) If you could have any designer bag, which would you choose?
8) What is your favourite/most worn item of clothing?
9) Who is your biggest inspiration?
10) What is your dream job?

I tried to make my questions a bit more varied so they contain beauty/fashion and life style questions too!I hope you have all enjoyed this different style of post and if you want to answer my questions and take part in the award yourself then feel free!



Monday, 19 August 2013

Summer lookbook

Hi there!

Whilst I was away on holiday last week in Tenerife I thought it would be fun to show you guys some of the outfits I put together. I have never done a lookbook before so if you enjoy it please let me know if it is something you would like to see more of!


Top - Topshop
Skirt - American Apparel


Dress - Select
Bow - American Apparel


Top - Topshop
Skirt - Topshop
Casio - Birthday present

Dress - Charity shop
Wedges - Topshop

Top - Vintage
Skirt - H&M
Flower crown - Claire's 

I really hope you enjoyed my first lookbook and seeing some of the outfits that I wore whilst on holiday. Let me know in the comments which was your favourite and if you would like me to do posts similar to this in the future!


Saturday, 17 August 2013

16th birthday picture diary!

Hi there!

On the 8th of August it was my 16th birthday and me and my family headed to London to do a bit of shopping   quite a lot of shopping and have a meal out. I took some pictures of the day on my new camera which was my main present! I love it and it means that all pictures from now on will definitely be of higher quality which excites me a lot! I am going to be doing a seperate post on the presents I recieved and also a little haul of what I bought in London. 

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