Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Back to college lookbook!

Hi there!

I hope everyone is feeling okay and not too tired from being back at school just yet! As promised in a few of my previous posts I'm uploading my back to school/college outfit ideas post, hooray! If you live in the UK you probably wear a school uniform but most of the outfits that I have put together are super casual and wearable and so would be perfect for weekends too :) 

top- primark
jeans- topshop joni's
shoes- office

bag-jack wills

shirt- primark
vest top- new look
jeans-topshop mom
bag- zara



Thursday, 19 September 2013

My top 5 autumn nail polishes

Hi there!

Today I had planned to write and take pictures for my college/school lookbook that I mentioned I was going to be posting however seeing as I live in England and we seem to have skipped straight from summer to cold and rainy winter, I couldn't do this : ( I'm hoping to find a slot of sunshine soon so that I can upload that post (everybody cross your fingers!) today instead I am doing a quite seasonal post and it's my top 5 autumn/winter nail polishes. 

The first, one one of my all time favourite nail varnishes is the shade Hunting from Topshop. I got this polish a couple of years ago and have worn it so much since! It's a really perfect colour for autumn and it's a nice different alternative to a neutral shade. I picked this up for £5 but I don't think it's available anymore from Topshop (*cries*) however I have found some really similar shades on the Boots website from brands like Barry M and Models Own; yay for drugstores!

The next polish which I definitley recommend if you like something a bit brighter is the cobalt blue colour from H&M in the shade Blue My Mind (it gets an extra thumbs up from me for having such a cool name).  Although I find that it chips quite easily, it is very pigmented and I only ever apply one coat and it's fine :) I featured it in my nail art post so you can check that out here if you'd like to see how it looks on the nails.

Moving back to more conventional autumnal shades, I would say that Essie's Chinchilly is the perfect muted blue/grey. Although this may not look all that amazing in the bottle (the picture definitley doesn't do it justice!) it really is a lovely, wearable colour that goes with almost every outfit. Essie are by far my favourite brand for nail products and the formula of this polish is just as lovely as all the others. If you haven't tried any of the Essie polishes I suggest you go down to Boots and pick up some for yourself, they are a-mazing!

Next I picked up a nail varnish from Miss Sporty so it is a lot more affordable but still great quality. It's the shade Atomic Blue (again another cool name) and it's a really unusual pretty colour. In the picture you can't really see very well but the colour of the polish means that it looks different in different lighting. This is another reason why I love this polish as you never know exactly how it is going to look!

And finally the last of my top five autumn nail polishes is another of my absolute favourites and is from Essie in the colour Cocktail Bling. This is another fairly plain colour but it's perfect if you wear a bolder outfit as the colour of the nail polish qould finish off a look really well without being too noticeable or in your face.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I definitley recommend that you check out some of the nail polishes that I mentioned as they're all amazing!



Sunday, 8 September 2013

Back to school make up ideas

Hi there!

So seeing as school has now begun for most people I thought it would be fun to do a back to school post focusing on make up! I’ve seen a few videos on youtube and some blog posts too about back to school ideas for make up looks and outfits and I thought it would be nice for me to put my spin on a simple yet pretty, school make up look!

The first make up items that I think would be perfect for school are the Miss Sporty Mascaras.  Depending on your school rules you may not be allowed to wear a lot of make up in which case these mascaras would be perfect. I have both the Studio Lash instant volume and the Studio Lash lengthening mascara and I would 100% recommend both for school. I would probably say the lengthening mascara would be better as it gives a very natural look to your lashes and adds length without making them clumpy.

Alternatively if your school rules are very strict, you could always go for a clear mascara to add length to your lashes without changing their colour. I would recommend the Natural Collection clear mascara for this as not only does it have a really nice formula, it is perfect for those on a budget as costs only £1.99; bargain!

Moving on to skin,  I would say that a tinted moisturiser or BB cream would be good for school as they create very natural finishes whilst still covering imperfections. I recommend the Light Energy foundation from Miss Sporty as although it is branded as a foundation, it gives such a natural finish because of its light coverage so could be worn for school. The main reason I would suggest using this foundation is because it gives a very dewy and radiant glow to your skin, perfect if you’re feeling a little tired on those early mornings.

For concealing blemishes I would suggest using a product like the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer as it is so versatile and easy to blend. Its full coverage means it covers spots amazingly but the formula is so good and doesn’t look too thick on the skin at all.

If you are looking for a concealer aimed more at brightening under your eyes I would say that the Kiko Full Coverage Concealer is brilliant for this. It’s a very creamy conceler and so if your school rules are a bit stricter it might not be suitable but otherwise I would say that this is one of my favourite products for helping my skin look its best.

And finally on to lips, again depending on your school rules lip products might not be allowed but this colour is so pretty that you could just wear it at the weekends anyway. This lipstick from ELF is in the shade Nicely Nude and is a very subtle pretty pink. It is perfect for everyday wear as it just adds an extra something to a make up look without being over the top.

 And that’s everything that I’m going to be featuring in this Back to School make up post! I hope you enjoyed it and that some of the products will be suitable for your school rules :)

Keep your eyes peeled for a back to school outfit ideas post that I’m going to be uploading later this month!


Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Festival photo diary

Hi there!

So for my 16th birthday I posted a photo diary of what I got up to during the day and it was one of my favourite ever blog posts to put together. I really enjoyed posting something a little different to normal and being able to collect all of the pictures taken on a day and look back at them. This weekend I went to Lode Star Festival which is a small but really fun festival in a village close to wear I live. I went along with some friends and my sister and seeing as I took quite a few pictures I thought it only right to share them with you all.

Please let me know in the comments if you enjoy these sort of posts as well as my beauty/fashion ones as I really enjoy being able to share all my pictures!

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