Saturday, 5 October 2013

Hello October

I’m currently sat tucked up in my bed with numerous blankets, flicking through pinterest and eating cupcakes. Bliss. I’ve become unhealthily obsessed with this little website recently and whilst I was sat pinning cute pictures of micro pigs and kittens until my heart was content I started to look through some autumn and winter pictures. This was a teensy bit of a mistake as I seem to have ended up spending the best part of an evening becoming overly excited for the rest of autumn and winter and thought it was only right to share my obsession here too.

All the pictures above are from pinterest (there is a link to my account at the top of my blog!) and they make me so so excited for the mitten wearing, hot chocolate drinking and jumper buying months to come; who doesn’t love autumn, right?! Anyway this post is just a little hello to October and to let you all know that I have a few exciting posts coming up over the next month including a haul because I’ve been going a little bit shopping crazy over the past couple of weeks...


Ps. Watch this space for a Christmas pinterest post as I’ve already turned into an over excitable child at the thought of Christmas trees and snow. I’m obsessed.  
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