Monday, 28 October 2013

My Hair Care Routine!

Hi guys!

2am wake up calls, early morning starbucks, cheeky duty free purchases and finally relaxing by the pool is pretty much how my day has been so far. If it wasn't already obvious I’m currently on holiday, yay! I'm away in the cutest Spanish cottage in the middle of the countryside and so far it's idyllic. I had planned to post a lookbook today but since I'm sitting in warmer climates I didn't fancy writing about cosy jumper and ankle boots so I've changed my post schedule a little (I know, living life on the edge) and decided to upload my hair care routine instead! I thought this would be fun as I always like being nosy and finding out about other people’s hair care/skin care routines and so thought this might be interesting to some of you! :)

First up is probably the least exciting step of all but it’s shampoo. Mine is from herbal essences and is the product aimed at dyed or coloured hair which I chose because I thought it would help keep my hair hydrated and healthy looking after dyeing it earlier this year. This shampoo smells so so good and it’s definitely kept my hair looking more shiny too (also it’s pink...what more could you want!)

After shampoo I add excessive amounts of conditioner (I have a bit of a thing about making sure my hair is really hydrated- weird, I know) to my hair and one of my favourite products to use for this is from VO5. I find this conditioner leaves my hair feeling super silky and nice and because it is aimed at damaged hair it means it provides extra hydration for amazingly soft hair all round, y a y!

After washing my hair I towel dry it and apply some argan oil to the main part of my hair focusing on the ends to help keep it in good condition. I avoid putting the oil on the roots of my hair as this can make it look greasy (not a good look). Since I started using oils on my hair about 6 months ago I’ve definitely noticed an improvement in my how my hair looks so I’d 100% recommend it! Moroccan/argan oil is available to buy in almost all drugstores and although it can (depending on the brand) be a little on the pricey side it’s really worth it.

Every now and again it’s nice to give your hair some TLC and I like to use hair masks to help keep my hair in nice condition. Hair masks from any brand all carry out the same purpose so it doesn’t really matter which you choose but mine is from natural collection. I only really apply these once a month to give my hair a bit of extra care but I find that they do definitely help keep your hair looking nice!

Although I don’t often use heat on my hair I apply use Charles Worthington’s heat defence spray to prevent damage to my hair. Again the pastel pink packaging is definitely up my street but the product itself is one I’ll be re purchasing! It smells absolutely amazing and since I've started using it I think that the condition of my hair has improved :) I’m not sure if it is down to this product alone or a combination of all of the things in my routine but if you haven’t tried a heat defence spray before I’d really recommend this one.

Lastly I thought I would include a hairspray even though I don’t use one on an everyday basis. My favourite hairspray is from Mark Hill and smells incredible! I like this one in particular because it doesn’t make your hair stick in one position but holds your hair in place whilst still looking natural...perfect!

I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know in the comments what your favourite hair care products are as I’m always on the lookout to try some new ones!

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