Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Christmas nail art!

Hi there!

Christmas is so soon now guys Y A Y! I’ve spent my evening whilst I should probably be doing coursework who needs A levels anyway browsing instagram and pinterest and taking inspiration from nail art designs for Christmas and I've decided to re create some of my own. I used my nail art pens from Hamley’s toy store that I mentioned in THIS post previously. I would 100% recommend these if you are just starting to experiment with nail art as they are really easy to use and make designs so much less fiddly! 

My first and easiest design is this cute snowflake on a blue base! You can use any shade of blue that you have already but I chose a brighter metallic blue because I think it looks a lot more christmasy. Mine is from Miss Sporty in the shade 'Atomic Blue'.

Step one is to apply your base blue colour. As my nail polish is a dark blue I only needed one coat but if yours is a little more transparent then you may need to repeat this step :) Next I used my nail art pen in white to draw a cross on my nail with another line through the center of that to create the snowflake outline. When this had dried I added the details to the snowflake by drawing in little lines off from the existing outline (I explained this so so badly but I hope you can see what I mean from my photo's haha!) I love how simple this design is but it is still so effective and really bold! If you're looking to do some christmas nail art but aren't as confident with harder designs then I'd definitely say this is the one to go for :)

This cute little santa nail design looks a lot more impressive than it actually was to create! Again I used mainly my nail art pens to create this design but any colours that you already have will work just as well. The red for the santa hat was the only colour that wasn't from my nail art pen set and it is the Revlon shade I used in my Catching Fire nail post if you want to see more pictures of it.
The first step to this design is to paint a strip of red polish across the tip of your nail. This will vary in size depending on how thick you want your santa hat to be but I chose to make mine quite obvious because I love the Revlon shade for christmas!I then used my white nail pen to draw small linking circles as a border along the red section to create the fluff of the hat. I continued with the white pen down the side of the nail to form the beard and then simply added in the face with my black pen! Again this is a really simple design but works so well and looks really impressive. 


Finally my absolute FAVOURITE design is this adorable snowman! I'm considering painting this design on my nails all year round because it's far too cute to keep just for christmas time right?! 
 The first part of this design is to create a pure white base on your nail. I applied a couple of coats of my white polish to give a really pigmented base. I then took my black nail art pen (a cocktail stick with a black nail varnish would work too) and painted an outline for the hat. Mine is a little messy but I don't have a very steady hand so it went a bit wobbly haha! The rest of the design is so simple as you just fill in the hat and add dots for the eyes and mouth and then a line for the carrot nose. I used Barry M's 'Mango' polish for the nose which is the perfect orange shade!

I'm writing this post whilst listening to the Micheal Bublé Christmas album on repeat tucked up in bed and I couldn't feel more festive! If any of you try to re create some of these designs let me know in the comments because I'd love to see or tag me in them on instagram (_charl0ttesweb). 

Charlotte ♥
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