Sunday, 1 December 2013

If the boot fits...

Hi guys!

Oh gosh. I cannot explain my love for my new boots and thought I’d write this impromptu post to share with you all their amazingness (yes I did just make up that word). I mentioned in my winter want list post that I was on the lookout for some Vagabond boots but since writing that post I haven’t been able to track any down in my local stores (sad times). I decided I’d have a little browse around some other shops to see if I could find any other boots that took my fancy and accidentally on purpose fell in to Topshop. I have been wanting some chelsea boots for years now but have never really been able to justify spending a lot on some of the boots I've seen before which have been a little out of my budget. 

When I saw these not only was it love at first sight, I also loved the price tag too which not only is a little unusual for topshop but also far better for my bank balance! Originally the Chelsea boots were £62 but topshop are doing some amazing discounts at the moment and so with the 20% offer were only £49.20! I’ve left a link to the boots at the end of this post so if you want to pick some up for yourself you can find them straight away :) There will probably be some styling posts with these coming up soon because I love them so much so make sure to press the ‘join this site’ button on the right hand side of my blog to make sure are first to see my next posts.

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend!


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