Sunday, 26 January 2014

Skincare Sunday: Clarins cleanser and toner

Hi there!

So far my weekend has been possibly the most unproductive few days in history as I've spent most of my time becoming a little too obsessed with Sherlock and watching back to back episodes (Benedict Cumberbatch though). This maybe wasn't the best plan as I have to hand in the second draft of the English coursework on Tuesday and I have a photography exam on Friday but I'm hoping apart from that everything is under control (I'm typing this so it seems more likely but inside I'm crying). 

I'm starting up a new blog feature today called Skincare Sunday which is something I've been planning for a while but never got round to organising. I'll be uploading a review of a skincare product that I'm loving on the last Sunday of each month (imaginative feature title hey?) for the whole of 2014 and I'm really excited to upload the first part!

I'm starting off with two products from Clarins that (surprisingly) I haven't talked about before. I picked up the Clarins duel Cleanser at the Clothes Show Live back in December and have been loving using them to tackle my oily skin.I always find it difficult to find cleansers and toners to combat oily skin as ones I've tried in the past have either broken me out or just not helped my skins condition so these two were a breath of fresh air! At first I found the cleanser a little heavy but as I've used them more and more I've realised a little goes a long way!

I picked up the products aimed at oily skin but they are available for a variety of different skin types so each work really well at tackling all varieties of problematic skin. The toner is perfect at not just removing all traces of make up but also all the dirt and rubbish that gets into my skin throughout the day! The fragrance of both products is really fresh and after I've used them my skin feels super clean and amazing. This combination of products have definitely left my complexion a lot clearer and have even helped control my skins oiliness as I find my skin looking less and less shiny the more often I use them!

Let me know in the comments if you like this new feature and if you've tried any Clarins skincare products!

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