Wednesday, 26 February 2014

and honey you should see me in a crown

Hi there!

Smock dress - Topshop 
Bag - Alphabet bags
Tights - Primark
Chelsea Boots - Topshop
Rings - Primark 
Coat - Topshop
Nails - Essie 'After School Boy Blazer'

Whilst glancing through the notes on my phone the other day I stumbled across my new years resolutions and found that one of them was to direct my blog to be more fashion based. As this is my first OOTD of 2014 I don't think I'm doing so well with that one (or any of my other resolutions) but I'm going  to try my absolute hardest to upload more fashion posts! This is a typical outfit for me at the moment, smock dresses are my favourites pieces at the moment because they can look so effortlessly cool and casual but can be dressed up as well. My bag is also a new-ish love of mine which I've been wearing non stop to college at the moment for a more relaxed look to outifts. I forgot to take photo's of my shoes but I just threw on my Topshop black chelsea boots which I think add a cute edge when worn with a dress (you can see my shoes in this previous post!) 

London was such a fun day and seeing the 221B door from Sherlock (see my photo diary here) was 100% the highlight, I've turned into such a fangirl. 

Charlotte <3

Sunday, 23 February 2014

skincare sunday: lush mask of magnaminty

Hi there!

Since it's the last Sunday of the month (that rolled around quickly didn't it??) it's time for my skincare sunday review! Lush is one of my favourite shops ever for their amazing bath bombs (oh how I wish the snow fairy wand was available all year round) but I hadn't really looked into their skincare products until recently when I recieved the Mask of Magnaminty as part of my Christmas present from my sister. Since then it's become a firm favourite as part of my skincare routine and I'll be looking into some of Lush's other skincare products to work alongside this :)

I use the mask of magnaminty about twice a week to give my skin a bit of a pick me up and get rid of all the impurities and dirt that may not be cleared by cleansing/toning alone. I must admit the smell of the mask put me off a bit initially as it is quite strong but the results I have had since I started using it are definitely worth it! One of the things I love about the mask is how cooling it feels on the skin and how smooothly it applies. It is definitely one of the best face mask products that I have tried as it doesn't irritate or dry out areas of my skin in comparison to other products similar to this that I have tried. I apply this product to dry skin and then simply rinse off with a warm cloth after about 5 or 6 minutes because I think it works really well when it can be left to work into the skin for a little longer. As it is an exfoliating mask I only use it a couple of times a week because it is possibly too harsh for everday use and I think this works well in my current skincare routine. 

Lush are renowned for their support against animal cruelty and use really lovely ingredients in all their products which is another reason why I'm always happy to buy from them! The mask of magnaminty retails at only £5.25 which is so so affordable for a product that works so effectively and lasts a super long time too! If you're a lush lover like me (ooh nice alliteration) and haven't tried this then I would 100% recommend it to give your skin a deep clean every now and again!


January's SS post:

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Photo Diary: London

Hi there!


possibly one of the prettiest streets ever 

hot chocolate heaven

Just a few photo's from my trip to London yesterday which I thought would be nice to share! Hopefully you guys find these type of posts interesting because I like to upload them once in a while to add a bit of variety to my blog and for a more lifestyle-y type of thing (yep, that made no sense at all). I'm uploading an OOTD this weekend so make sure to keep your eye out for that as it's my first one for 2014 yay!


Tuesday, 18 February 2014

What's in my bag: London edition

Hi there!

Since finishing my mocks last week I've spent the past few days unwinding and putting off my photography coursework a little too much (oops..). To put off doing work of any kind for just a little bit longer I'm off to London tomorrow, yay! I'm super excited at the thought of spending the last of my christmas money in Muji and American Apparel so let me know if you fancy a haul in the next week or so! Surprisingly I've never uploaded a What's in my Bag post before which is weird because they are definitely one of my favourites to read so I thought it was about time I did one for myself :)

The bag I'm taking is my cotton tote from Alphabet Bags which I love so much! It's so affordable and adds such a cute/boho vibe to every outfit. I'll leave a link to my bag at the end of this post.

In my make up bag I'll be carrying my concealer of choice for that day, an eyeliner pen to touch up or correct my eye make up and my Natural Collection powder to keep any oiliness at bay! I recieved this Ted Baker silk make up bag as a present for Christmas and I love it so much, it's the perfect size to carry the small amount of make up I take around with me day to day. 

Another essential for travelling or life in general is my iPhone 5. I'll be using mine constantly in London for listening to music on the train, looking at tube maps and instagramming all my purchases! My instagram is _charlottesweb if you want to follow me for weekly pictures of my favourite beauty items or just general blog related photos :)

These are a few of the essential items that I pretty much carry everywhere with me! Purse, make up bag and a hair brush go without saying but the other items are a few extras I thought I'd take along with me too. My sunglasses are something I've recently added into my bag because the sun has (quite shockingly) made an appearance in the past week or so! I picked mine up from the Clothes Show Live and I love them so so much but I've seen loads of similar ones in Topshop and vintage shops too! I threw a magazine in my bag when organising my things last night because it's always nice to have something to flick through on the train. Hand sanitiser= another essential in London especially when travelling on the tube! I love the Soap and Glory 'Hand Maid' because it smells amazing and doesn't leave my hands feeling sticky at all.

I hope you enjoyed this slightly different post and found it interesting to see what I'll be taking to London with me tomorrow! Hope you all have a lovely half term too :)


Thursday, 13 February 2014

Blog Baking: Valentines Day

Hi there!

If you're a regular reader of Charlotte's Web then you may remember back in December I started a little feature called Blog Baking which started with me sharing a christmas cookie recipe! I finished my AS level mocks yesterday *fist pump* and because it's now half term I thought I'd do some baking! This recipe is kind of a mix of a few that I put together so hopefully my instructions make sense if you try to re create them for yourself. These cupcakes would be perfect for Valentine’s Day for a girly night in or if you're looking to impress a certain someone (hint hint nudge nudge)so let me know in the comments if you bake them too!

You will need:
-145 grams of caster sugar
- strawberries (I used about 6 or 7 but this varies depending on how many you want to make)
-40 grams of butter (preferably unsalted but any that you have already is fine)
-120 grams of plain flour
-1 large egg
- vanilla essence (only 3 or 4 drops)

For the Frosting:
-80 grams of butter
--250 grams of icing sugar
-sliced strawberries 

Step 1: Preheat your oven to 170 degrees or gas mark 3

Step 2: Use an electric whisk to mix together the butter, flour and sugar on a slow speed until combined and resemble breadcrumbs.

Step 3: In a seperate jug mix together the milk, egg and vanilla essence. Gradually pour this mixture into the earlier flour/butter/sugar whilst whisking slowly with an electric whisk. Your final cupcake mixture should look smooth and creamy so keep going until this effect is achieved. 

Step 4: At this point you can add a few chopped strawberries into the final mixture so that there are some inside the cakes themselves! 

Step 5: Use a teaspoon to transfer the mixture into cupcake cases of your choice. I went for some little silver ones so which I thought were really cute and you can buy pretty much anywhere! I had some mixture left over at the end and so made some larger cupcakes too :)

Step 6: Put into the oven for about 20-25 minutes or until golden brown :) Put aside to cool and prepare the frosting!

Step 7: Use an electric whisk (on a low speed) to blend together the butter and icing sugar. Gradually add in the milk and whisk again :)
I'm writing this post up after eating a few  one of the baby cupcakes and I must say they are rather yummy! I hope you all have a lovely Valentine's Day whatever you're doing this year :)


Sunday, 9 February 2014

Valentines make up look

Hi there!

Since Valentines Day is fast approaching and Spring is just around the corner I thought it would be nice to upload a make up look that was a little less wintery. I've chosen a few of my current favourite products to create this look, most of which are drugstore with a couple of high end loves thrown in too! 

Revlon BB cream '001 Pale' // Mac Mineralise Skin Finish 'Soft and Gentle' // Rimmel Glam eyes Day 2 Night mascara // Elizabeth Arden eyeshadow duo 'Pink Clover' // Elf lipstick 'Nicely Nude. 

For Valentines Day, perfect and glowy skin is the only option! I chose my Revlon BB cream because it gives the perfect light coverage and also adds a lovely glow to my skin. If you feel like you want something with a bit more coverage then you can always swap in your favourite foundation but I feel like a glowy base goes the best with this look. For highlight I went for my favourite mac product ever which is my Mineralise Skin Finish in Soft and Gentle. I've talked about this product probably too many times but it really does give the prettiest look to the tops of your cheekbones!

For eyes I went for a couple of the prettiest shades ever from my little eyeshadow duo from Elizabeth Arden. I'd recommend priming your eyelids before applying eyeshadow (my favourite is the primer potion from Benefit) to keep the shades looking even more pigmented and so they stay in place for longer. The ligher shade looks amazing all over the lid and then blended out with the darker colour through the crease to add some definition and depth. I would use my Mac 217 for this because it's the perfect fluffy brush for blending and makes the transition between two colours look so flawless.

Also for eyes I decided on my Glam eyes Day to Night mascara from Rimmel because the lengthening wand helps my lashes look super fluttery (perfect for valentines day!). To match the pretty pink eyes I went for my ELF lipstick in the shade 'Nicely Nude'. I think I might have written about this once before but I had to include it again because it is probably my most hydrating lipstick ever! This shade is my favourite day time lip product as it can look amazing with simple make up but with the eyeshadows of this look it finishes off the make up perfectly!

I hope you enjoyed this make up look post, let me know if you'd like me to do more in the future because it was really fun choosing out the products!


Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Beauty Battle: The high end mascara

Hi there!

Since the start of 2014 I've been seeing a lot of my favourite bloggers start new features for the New Year but being the unorganised blogger that I am *slap self on wrist* I didn't plan anything for the start of the year. I thought it would be nice to include some regular features on my blog and have decided on two main ones which I hope you will enjoy!

 The one I am most excited about introducing is my 'Beauty Battle's' feature which will include reviews of two similar products and looking at all the fun stuff like if they're worth the hype and comparing them to one another:) I'm starting off the feature by comparing two of my absoloute favourite mascara's, YSL's Babydoll and Benefit's 'They're Real'.

I recieved my Benefit 'They're Real' mascara for my birthday last year and it's been a firm favourite of mine since! There's something about the packaging of both of these products which I adore and in particular with my Benefit mascara it has to be the cute colour scheme! The product itself is amazing, it really is true to its name when it claims to give a false lash effect which is one of the main reasons I adore this mascara. The formula is incredible and works amazingly with the wand to give the perfect definition and volume to my lashes without looking clumpy and thick like some other mascara's claiming to give the same effect The only negative comment I could make is that it is a little tricky to remove even though it's not marketed as waterproof but this is definitely outweighed by the amazing look that it gives to my lashes!

I've only had my YSL 'Babydoll' mascara since this Christmas however it still managed to make it into my 2013 favourites post which just about sums up my love for this product. With possibly the prettiest packaging ever my love for this mascara doesn't end on the exterior as similarly to 'They're real' it really does give the look of fake eyelashes. The one thing I love about this product is that it lengthens and volumises my lashes which creates the prettiest fluttery lashes whilst still looking super thick. In comparison I think this is one of the best part of this mascara as 'They're real' is more for adding volume. Both mascara's are definitely the favourites in my collection but I think I would probably repurchase Benefits 'They're real' over YSL just because of the amazing overall look it gives!

I hope you like the idea of this feature and let me know if there are any beauty areas you'd like me to compare next! Also let me know in the comments if you've tried either of these mascaras and your thoughts on them :)

Charlotte ♥

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Spring want list

Hi there!

With January out of the way and spring just around the corner I thought it would be only right to share the fashion items I'm lusting over at the moment. Although technically it's still winter for a couple more months I always feel like as soon as February arrives it's basically spring (yes my mind is a confusing place) so I'm already fantasising about daffodils and pastel clothes yayyyy!

Topshop Coat  New Look Skirt   Topshop Rings  Cambridge Satchel

1) Since picking up my pastel pink coat last month I seem to have become a coat person and can't stop browsing pinterest/instagram/polyvore/every fashion app known to man looking for another. This gorgeous mint number from Topshop is maybe the prettiest boyfriend style coat I've seen. The shape and cut of this coat look incredible, if only I could justify £110 * insert sad face emoji*

2) Tartan and check have been everywhere for the past couple of months and it looks like this trend isn't about to change for spring. New Look isn't really a shop I ever venture in to but this beautiful pelmet skirt is a definite  need  want for my spring wardrobe! It has a perfect price tag too at only £18, yay for high street bargains!

3)I've been loving silver jewelry over the past few months and really want to expand my, currently quite limited, ring collection. Infinity signs have been a teensy bit over used over the past year or so but they're still cute so i'll succumb to the hype! This ring actually comes in a set of 3 from Topshop so would be perfect for stacking or pretty for a more simple look too.

4) Finally my favourite and most wanted item of all, a Cambridge Satchel. I have been wanting one of these for YEARS (I'm not even exaggerating) and managed to get my hands on one for my birthday last year but sadly had to return it because it just wasn't big enough for all my college folders. The pastel collection from The Cambridge Satchel Company desperately makes me want to get another one and just keep it for weekends but they're a little bit pricey just for two days of the week considering my lack of a social life :( I'll make sure to keep you updated on my satchel woes and if I do decide to get one (please please please)

I hope you enjoyed seeing everything I've been wanting at the moment, let me know below what you've been lusting after!

Charlotte ♥

ps. If anyone read my long rambly introduction to my last post about my obsession with Sherlock, I finished series 3 last night and OH MY THE TEARS! When can I move into 221B?
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