Sunday, 30 March 2014

Skincare Sunday: La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo

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I'm super excited to upload this post because the La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo is one of my absolute skincare saviours and I don't think I've ever mentioned it before (surprisingly!). This is my first product from La Roche Posay and I had really high hopes after hearing SO much about the brand through other blogs. The product itself is an anti blemish cream that helps to unblock pores to get rid of spots and also to help prevent break outs in the future. In other words, miracle in a bottle. This stuff is quite literally the heaven of skincare (not even exaggerating) and has helped my skin so dramatically in such a short space of time! My skin is so so oily and I find it really difficult to find products to help and that don't break me out (oily AND sensitive skin is not a fun combination) but this product really does help to reduce spots almost overnight. 

The consistency of the Effaclar Duo is quite gel like and smooths over the skin really nicely. I don't find it to sting or cause any irritation to my skin which I sometimes have found with other treatments like this which is another reason why it's become such a firm favourite of mine! I tend to use this every two to three days and apply it to problem areas and also around my nose and cheeks to help unclog my pores and make them less noticeable. My skin is definitely one of my biggest insecurities (this post is getting deep now) but this product has honestly helped the overall appearance of my skin so much! I've heard so many people talking about this product and I'm super glad I decided to try it but if if you haven't then run down to Boots and pick one up asap (you can thank me later). I'm definitely going to be trying more products from La Roche Posay so I'll keep you updated on those too:)



Friday, 21 March 2014

lusting lately

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First of all I want to aplogise for the complete lack of posts I've managed to share at the moment :( I have my AS level exams in a couple of months and so my work load at the moment is crazy and sadly blogging had to take a bit of a back seat *tears*. To ease myself back into the whole blogging malarky I've put together a few items I've been lusting over lately. I've done a couple of posts like this in the past and I really enjoyed browsing the internet for tonnes of outfit inspiration and flicking through all the high street fashion websites and a few more beside. These are some of the fashion items I've been REALLY taking inspiration from at the moment and will a few of which I'll definitely be purchasing asap (sorry bank balance). 

1) I'm usually not really a shoe person and have never really got the obsession with shopping/buying for shoes. This is mainly because I can never find any that fit just right and I'm a sucker for comfort over looks in terms of shoes however lately I've developed a bit of an obsession with T bars. I have always LOVED this style of shoe, in particular the patent ones because I think they look so cute and remind me so much of those I wore throughout primary school (aww nostalgia). I saw these adorable dusky pink T bars in River Island and I'll be honest, it was love at first sight. The scallop cut outs, the little buckle, the colour, it's really meant to be (I'm getting a little dramatic and I claim not to be a shoe person...)

2)With all things denim popping up over fashion week and throughout bloggingland (yes that is a real place) I've had plenty of inspiration for doing some denim styling. I recently picked up a denim shift dress from Topshop which I adore and so have been on the hunt for a few more denim items when I saw this skirt from River Island. The perfect mini for spring and in a beautiful light denim wash this may just be the perfect addition to my wardrobe (that's how I'm justifying it anyway)

3)Stripes are another thing I've been going a bit crazy for lately with my main influence being one of my best friends Freya who quite possibly owns every striped top ever made. I have a few striped pieces already (not nearly enough to rival Freya's wardrobe) and love the way they look especially paired with denim or pastel shades for Spring. This simple striped tee is something so plain but perfect to add a little pattern and interest to an outfit whilst being super affordable and cute too!

4) Now, this last item will come as no surprise if you're a regular reader as I've been obsessing over Cambridge Satchels for well over 2 years now. 2014 is definitely the year that I'm going to get my hands on the perfect one (help me decide on colours!)so including this in a blog post is a friendly reminder to myself that I will take the plunge and get one. This is in a gorgeous neutral shade which I think looks so classic and lovely and would work with any outift.

Let me know if you enjoy these inspiration/items I've been lusting after posts because I find them so fun to put together. I've also been thinking of doing a make up and beauty version too so let me know if that's something any of you would be interested in reading :)


River Island shoes link

River Island skirt link

H&M striped top link

Cambridge Satchel link


Saturday, 15 March 2014

Collective beauty haul: E.L.F, lush and boots!

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Over the past couple of weeks I've been doing a teensy bit of spending *slaps self on wrist* even though I promised myself I'd try and stick to my spending ban! As you can see that didn't exactly go to plan but it means I can upload a haul and share all my lovely purchases so I'm not too disheartened;)

First up I placed a little E.L.F order whilst I was trying to pick out some birthday presents for my sister and accidently on purpose put a few things into my basket for myself. I've been loving my Bourjous bronzing primer at the moment but I sometimes find it can be a little too orange for my skin tone so I thought I'd try the Cream Contouring Blush and Bronzing cream from E.L.F! So far I've been loving the bronzer as it creates a far more natural bronzed look. I tend to use it with my Real Techniques Contour brush which is the perfect size to fit into the hollows of my cheeks and helps to blend the product in even more naturally! I've only tried out the cream blush once but I really liked the sheer wash of colour it gives and the light weight formula is perfect for spring and summer. Also from E.L.F I ordered the Small Stippling Brush to use for concealer and also with the cream blusher. I love stippling brushes in general and thought it would be nice to try a smaller one for blending concealer as well as for foundation. 

I also got a few things from Boots and then 3 for 2 offers were just too much to resist! I've heard a lot about the Revlon Matte Lip balms in the blogging world recently but I was a bit disappointed by the colour selection when I had a browse myself. Instead I decided to go with the classic Just Bitten Kissable Lipstain in the shade 'Honey 001'. This is hands down my favourite purchase of the entire haul and I've been wearing it so much over the past week because it's super moisturising and the colour is the perfect pinky nude. I also picked up one of the Barry M Gelly polishes in the shade 'Lychee' which I can't wait to try! The Gelly range from Barry M are so shiny and glossy and with nude nails being very in this Spring, this will be my go-to colour. Last but not least from Boots is the Charles Worthington Volume and Bounce spray to help add some volume to my shorter hair. I'm really really tempted to get the Oribe dry texturising spray that everyone has gone crazy for but at £38 a bottle I think I'll have stick to the drugstore for now *cry*.

I then headed to one of my Lush, one of my favourite shops e v e r and tried to calm myself down as I may have got a little too excited at the new Easter bath bomb/ballistic range! I managed to restrict myself to just one bath bomb which was called Fluffy Egg and is my new favourite! The smell reminds me so much of Snow fairy which is one of my most loved lush fragrance and so as soon as I smelt it I knew I had to have it! I uploaded a video on to my personal instagram (charlotte_rollin) if you want to see it in action, it turned my bath an AMAZING shade of pink!!

So yes my spending ban hasn't been too successful so far but I'm going to try my hardest next week (she says whilst browsing the office website for some t bar shoes...)


Product links:
Small stipple brush:
Cream bronzer and blush:
Fluffy egg bath bomb:
Revlon Lipstain:

Charles Worthington volume spray:
Barry M nail polish:


Sunday, 9 March 2014

Spring nail polishes: Barry M favourites

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One of my favourite type of posts to write (for some reason) is nail art posts! Whilst on a weekly basis I tend to only have time for a little messy/in a rush/sunday night hurry one coat type of nail polish, it is nice to make an effort with your manicure! I thought I'd share my top 3 Barry M nail polishes for spring in the hope that it will remind me to make more of an effort with my nail painting skills (or lack of them) and also just to share some of my nicest colours :)

Blue moon has been a firm favourite of mine for so so long now and I featured it earlier this year in THIS post if you fancy a read! It's the perfect pastel blue shade which amazingly only needs 2 coats to be completely opaque. One reason I love Barry M nail polishes is because of how well they last and stay chip free on the nails.I love slightly more expensive nail polish brands like Essie too but I find that Barry M's lasting power is almost as good for only a fraction of the price. I also love the shade Lemon Ice Cream which I don't think I've mentioned before but is perfect for spring/summer. It's a bit brighter than a pastel yellow (whoa I know, stepping out of my pastel comfort zone a bit) but it really is a lovely colour to add a little extra something if you're going for a more plain spring outfit. I love it with a denim skirt, plain jersey jumper and nude lip!

And finally, possibly my favourite colour of all, Peach Melba. This was sent to me by the lovely Katie who has a wonderful blog and instagram (both of which I adore) and highly recommend you have a look at!. It's a beautiful coral shade which has a super shiny and glossy finish. The swatches above are all just with one coat and I think Peach Melba is definitely the best quality if you're in a hurry and what a quick but pretty opaque colour! I'll link Katie's blog at the end of this post if you fancy a read :)

What are your favourite Barry M shades? Do you have any other spring nail polish favourites?


Katie's blog:
Katie's instagram:

Thursday, 6 March 2014

The new love: Toni and Guy texturising spray

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Since I took the plunge a couple of weeks ago and my hair cut off into a Alexa Chung inspired bob (yes I really do love that girl a lot) I've been finding it super difficult to style my hair because it's been looking so flat and lackluster. Whilst tidying my room the other day, a rare occurance since my AS levels took over my life, I found this Toni and Guy sea salt textursing spray and thought I'd give it another whirl!

I originally bought this some time last year and only used it a couple of times because I found it didn't really add that much to my hair overall. Ohhh how wrong I was! I tried this again last week and have fallen in love with the way it makes my hair look and feel...goodbye flat hair! One of the things I didn't really take into consideration when having my hair cut was how differently it would fall but having this sea salt spray in my life has 100% meant more good hair days on the whole, yay :)

The spray is branded as "creating texture and natural movement with a light hold" which I really would agree with :) I find it makes my hair look a little more bed-heady (I know the 'just rolled out of bed' look isn't for everyone but I think it's really flattering with shorter hair!) and overall just more volumised! Also it's not sticky at all and doesn't leave that horrible feeling that some hair products/sprays do which again makes me love it even more!

Let me know in the comments if there are any products you would recommend for shorter hair styles because I'm looking to try out some more too!



Saturday, 1 March 2014

s o c i a l

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Having a blog or my frequent references to instagram/youtube may be an indication that yes, I am addicted to the internet. I seem to while away hours of my life browsing through online stores, instagramming or re pinning cute pictures to my pinterests boards so I thought it was about time I shared all of my links! Also who doesn't love a bit of shameless self promotion, hey?

I only joined pinterest about 6 months ago but it's definitely one of the easiest ways procrastinate and waste  spend my time! I have slowly built up the amount of pinboards I have and I think I have around 15 now ranging from home inspiration, outfit pictures a good ol' inspirational quote too! Let me know in the comments your pinterest usernames because I love looking at new accounts :)
Instagram is probably where many of my blog followers have found me from as I'm often updating my insta account on my latest blog posts or sharing the products that I've been loving! I recently hit 2,000 followers on there which is crazy but so so lovely at the same time! If you want to follow me I have two accounts, my main 'themed' one which includes prettier photos or my 'personal account' which is for my life-y photos. Instagram is definitely my most loved social media platform and for I think anyone that knows me in real life would say that I'm just a teensy bit addicted...

themed instagram // _charlottesweb
personal instagram // charlotte_rollin

I'm a bit reluctant to include my tumblr in this post because I have only had it for around a month and still haven't quite got to grips with it (it's probably not even that confusing but technology isn't really my forte). I mainly reblog photo's of alexa chung (girl/style/everything crush alert) but my 'theme' (is that a tumblr word?) is very similar to my pinterest and instagram so quite pastel based! I can see myself becoming very easily addicted to tumblr and with my AS exams being only 10 or so weeks away I'm going to try and cut down my internet use (not sure how well this will work haha!)
I thought it would be nice to share all my social media links together in one post because surprisingly I don't think I've ever actually shared my instagram details on here before! Comment your links below for tumblr/insta etc because I'm always looking for new people to follow :)


clickable instagram link //
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