Friday, 21 March 2014

lusting lately

Hi there!

First of all I want to aplogise for the complete lack of posts I've managed to share at the moment :( I have my AS level exams in a couple of months and so my work load at the moment is crazy and sadly blogging had to take a bit of a back seat *tears*. To ease myself back into the whole blogging malarky I've put together a few items I've been lusting over lately. I've done a couple of posts like this in the past and I really enjoyed browsing the internet for tonnes of outfit inspiration and flicking through all the high street fashion websites and a few more beside. These are some of the fashion items I've been REALLY taking inspiration from at the moment and will a few of which I'll definitely be purchasing asap (sorry bank balance). 

1) I'm usually not really a shoe person and have never really got the obsession with shopping/buying for shoes. This is mainly because I can never find any that fit just right and I'm a sucker for comfort over looks in terms of shoes however lately I've developed a bit of an obsession with T bars. I have always LOVED this style of shoe, in particular the patent ones because I think they look so cute and remind me so much of those I wore throughout primary school (aww nostalgia). I saw these adorable dusky pink T bars in River Island and I'll be honest, it was love at first sight. The scallop cut outs, the little buckle, the colour, it's really meant to be (I'm getting a little dramatic and I claim not to be a shoe person...)

2)With all things denim popping up over fashion week and throughout bloggingland (yes that is a real place) I've had plenty of inspiration for doing some denim styling. I recently picked up a denim shift dress from Topshop which I adore and so have been on the hunt for a few more denim items when I saw this skirt from River Island. The perfect mini for spring and in a beautiful light denim wash this may just be the perfect addition to my wardrobe (that's how I'm justifying it anyway)

3)Stripes are another thing I've been going a bit crazy for lately with my main influence being one of my best friends Freya who quite possibly owns every striped top ever made. I have a few striped pieces already (not nearly enough to rival Freya's wardrobe) and love the way they look especially paired with denim or pastel shades for Spring. This simple striped tee is something so plain but perfect to add a little pattern and interest to an outfit whilst being super affordable and cute too!

4) Now, this last item will come as no surprise if you're a regular reader as I've been obsessing over Cambridge Satchels for well over 2 years now. 2014 is definitely the year that I'm going to get my hands on the perfect one (help me decide on colours!)so including this in a blog post is a friendly reminder to myself that I will take the plunge and get one. This is in a gorgeous neutral shade which I think looks so classic and lovely and would work with any outift.

Let me know if you enjoy these inspiration/items I've been lusting after posts because I find them so fun to put together. I've also been thinking of doing a make up and beauty version too so let me know if that's something any of you would be interested in reading :)


River Island shoes link

River Island skirt link

H&M striped top link

Cambridge Satchel link

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