Saturday, 1 March 2014

s o c i a l

Hi there!

Having a blog or my frequent references to instagram/youtube may be an indication that yes, I am addicted to the internet. I seem to while away hours of my life browsing through online stores, instagramming or re pinning cute pictures to my pinterests boards so I thought it was about time I shared all of my links! Also who doesn't love a bit of shameless self promotion, hey?

I only joined pinterest about 6 months ago but it's definitely one of the easiest ways procrastinate and waste  spend my time! I have slowly built up the amount of pinboards I have and I think I have around 15 now ranging from home inspiration, outfit pictures a good ol' inspirational quote too! Let me know in the comments your pinterest usernames because I love looking at new accounts :)
Instagram is probably where many of my blog followers have found me from as I'm often updating my insta account on my latest blog posts or sharing the products that I've been loving! I recently hit 2,000 followers on there which is crazy but so so lovely at the same time! If you want to follow me I have two accounts, my main 'themed' one which includes prettier photos or my 'personal account' which is for my life-y photos. Instagram is definitely my most loved social media platform and for I think anyone that knows me in real life would say that I'm just a teensy bit addicted...

themed instagram // _charlottesweb
personal instagram // charlotte_rollin

I'm a bit reluctant to include my tumblr in this post because I have only had it for around a month and still haven't quite got to grips with it (it's probably not even that confusing but technology isn't really my forte). I mainly reblog photo's of alexa chung (girl/style/everything crush alert) but my 'theme' (is that a tumblr word?) is very similar to my pinterest and instagram so quite pastel based! I can see myself becoming very easily addicted to tumblr and with my AS exams being only 10 or so weeks away I'm going to try and cut down my internet use (not sure how well this will work haha!)
I thought it would be nice to share all my social media links together in one post because surprisingly I don't think I've ever actually shared my instagram details on here before! Comment your links below for tumblr/insta etc because I'm always looking for new people to follow :)


clickable instagram link //
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