Friday, 18 July 2014

the drugstore micellar waters

Hi there!

Since Bioderma took over the beauty world everyone has been going crazy for micellar water and now almost every skincare lover has one in their stash. I thought I'd review/compare the two micellar waters that I've tried out in the past couple of months to help any newbies like me plus they're both super affordable so it's a win win if you want to try them out too!

After seeing so many people talk about the L'Oreal Skin Perfection micellar water I was really intrigued to try it as (don't tell anyone) but it's supposedly Bioderma but with a much smaller price tag. I use this L'Oreal cleansing water every day when I get home to remove make up and dirt from my face before cleansing and toning etc and I honestly can't fault it. It glides over the skin without being sticky and doesn't sting at all which I found occasionally with the Garnier version. Plus with such an affordable pricetag and it being super easy to get your hands on at Boots and Superdrug, there is literally nothing bad to say about it. Go L'Oreal!

As any beauty addict like myself will know, sometimes it's all too tempting when browsing the Boots aisles for a little too long (we've all been there) to try out the competition..oops. I decided to pick up the Gariner micellar cleansing water to test out and compare to my L'Oreal love but it just didn't make the cut. I found the solution to be far stickier and it stung my skin in comparison to the L'Oreal version. I've read a lot of great reviews about Garnier skincare but I'm thinking this just didn't get along too well with my sensitive skin so maybe avoid this one if you have a similar skin type to me. Overall it's fine and I have used it numerous times when I've been running low on other skincare products but I'm just not crazy about it. 

Let me know if any of you have tried Bioderma or any drugstore micellar waters and how they compare! In other news I break up for summer next week yay! Sorry for being a little MIA for the past couple of weeks; after my exams we went back to college to start our year 13 work (oh the joys of A levels) but soon all my attention will be on blogging! I've got lots of exciting posts coming up in August so keep your eyes pealed;)

Charlotte x
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