Sunday, 31 August 2014

skincare sunday: origins ginzing cleanser

Hi there!

For this months Skincare Sunday I'm featuring a reasonably new product in my routine that I received for my birthday a couple of weeks ago. Origins is my all time favourite skincare brand so I was super happy to receive the Ginzing scrub cleanser which I've heard so much about. First fab point about this lil beauty is it smells like chocolate orange and what more could you really want in a skincare product?? The cleanser contains tiny grains to help smooth and refine skin tone and keep your complexion looking refreshed and bright! I love exfoliating products like this that are really gentle because it means regular use isn't too harsh or abrasive and they leave my skin looking so much more radiant! I've never really tried a cleanser like this which is so brightening because of the little exfoliating beads whilst still being gentle enough for sensitive skin. This one is definitely a winner.  

I love using this cleanser in the morning when I need to be woken up a little more (most definitely next week when the 6am college starts begin again *cries*)  because it's so refreshing and leaves my skin super clean and fresh. It has lots of ingredients your skin will love like coffee beans which are a great antioxidant and also jojoba which I'm pretty sure is well know for balancing out the skins natural oils; perfect for oiler skinned girls out there like me! If you're a Origins newbie this is definitely one to pick up and especially good if you're a little zombie like in the morning (who isn't??). It comes in at £18.50 which I think is really reasonable for a more high end skincare product that has such fab results! Definitely add this one to your shopping list.

Charlotte x

ps. sorry for being a little MIA this week! 

Monday, 25 August 2014

the everyday eye look

Hi there!

For my everyday make up I keep things very neutral and simple because 1) who has time for a smokey eye and winged liner look at 6am (not me that's for sure) and 2) I'm not always feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed enough to concentrate on a complicated look. These are my go to products for an easy everyday look that still work really well together to create a neutral but pretty look.

First up, my mac pro palette. Oh my this is possibly one of the most loved things in my make up collection and I can't wait to fill it up completely (although my bank balance will be looking a little worse for wear when I do). The shades I have so far (L-R) are Wedge, Woodwinked, Shroom and Omega and I adore them all for everyday. I mostly use Shroom all over the lid and Wedge through the crease to add a bit of definition to my eyes and I find these colours really compliment lighter/blonde hair so if that's you then definitely check them out. I also love Woodwinked and usually but I tend to go for this shade if I have a little more time in the morning to blend etc because usually I'm a tired mess falling asleep into my granola. What a pleasant image for you all.

For my eyeshadow I usually grab my Mac 217 (fluffiest blending brush ever created) or my Real Technique base shadow brush. I would 100% recommend both of these for super easy blending and application of eyeshadow and they make it so quick and easy in the mornings. For mascara, no surprises here, I always reach for They're Real from Benefit which has the most dreamy formula ever. Literally you can get volumised, lengthened and jet black lashes from this little tube and am I the only one who loves this packaging too? I think it's so cute! Again if you had a little more time in the morning you could add some winged liner to give the illusion of thicker lashes or if a cat eye look is your signature thing then add that in too. So that's it! The perfect products for a neutral everyday eye look that is simple enough for if you're in a hurry but looks really pretty!

Let me know in the comments which products you gravitate towards on a daily basis!

Charlotte x

Friday, 22 August 2014

the cat eye glasses

Hi there!

As promised here is another of my Brighton OOTD's from last week featuring possibly the most worn dress in my wardrobe. I love this blue gingham smock from asos because not only is it ridiculously comfy (and who doesn't love a bit of lazy dressing some days?!) but it also has the classic smock dress loose fit which I love for those really hot days when you feel like wearing no clothes but that's not really an option. Anyone else get that? My new glasses are my favourite purchase in a while which I picked up from a little stall in the Lanes but I've seen lots of cat eye inspired glasses on Asos too if you fancy picking up some for yourself. I loved them so much I went back and got them in a tortoise shell brown too. Oops. 

My bag as per usual is my Cambridge Satchel which I'm not going to talk about too much because I have mentioned it about 52192 times (not even exaggerating) since I got it. Some of you commented on previous posts saying you would like to see a whole post dedicated it which I'd be more than happy to do if you're not all bored of me talking about it yet! For shoes I just went for my low rise pink converse because we were walking a lot that day and I'd made the mistake of wearing my birkenstocks the day before for a 6 mile walk. Not a good idea if you want to avoid ridiculously painful feels-like-you've-broken-your-ankle the next day times. Also I'm currently in the process of growing out my fringe so excuse the awkwardness of my hair. We've all been there right?

Happy Friday!

Charlotte x


Wednesday, 20 August 2014

loving lately - grey edition

Hi there!

Since splurging on a few new beauty bits and receiving a couple for my birthday, I've had an endless list of products I've been loving lately which naturally I wanted to photograph and share with you all! Blogging is fab, non? This post is a little different though in that all of the products are matching grey/muted blue colours (because who doesn't love a bit of coordination in their beauty stash ??).

1) Marc Jacobs Daisy Dreams perfume: Oh my. This perfume is quite possible heaven in a bottle and with such beaut packaging this has taken pride of place on my dressing table. As well as the gorgeous bottle (round of applause for everyone at MJ) the scent is just as perfect and is such a pretty twist on the original daisy fragrance. LOVE!

2)Essie Cocktail Bling nail polish: I've mentioned this numerous times before but I am feeling the need to post about it again because it is just so damn good! The formula, colour and drying speed all add up to the perfect polish and this is definitely it. The drying speed
of this polish is the main reason I come back to it again and again and for all you impatient ladies out there Essie formulas are definitely the ones for you. The muted grey/blue is the perfect transitional shade into autumn which is another reason why this hasn't left my nails for the past couple of weeks.

3) Urban Decay shadow brush: I got this brush when I received my Naked palette a couple of Christmases ago and haven't ever really tried it until a couple of weeks ago. I can't believe this brush has been lurking in my collection and I hadn't even realised but I'm so happy to have discovered it. I've been loving to use it with my glittery colours like Woodwinked by Mac to really press the colour onto the eyelid and then blend out with a fluffier brush. I find it packs on the colour a lot more easily than using any of my other brushes and is also really handy if you want to line your lashes with a darker eyeshadow colour. Such a versatile brush!

4)Benefit 'They're Real' mascara: I really don't need to say much about this apart from it is the best mascara I've ever used. I did love the YSL Babydoll mascara but compared to this Benefit beauty it just doesn't compete. For perfect long, volumised (is that even a word?) and jet black lashes this mascara really does tick all the boxes. The only problem I have with it is it can be a little tricky to remove (make sure you've got a couple of cotton pads at the ready) but for the way it makes my lashes look I can overlook it's slightly tricky to budge formula!

5) Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask: As most of you know I am a huge fan of facemasks and use them probably more often than most so when I opened this on my birthday I was v excited to see if it lived up to my Lush favourites. The formula of this mask is a lot different to Lush as it hardens on your face which is something I actually think works a lot better as it's not as thick and messy in comparison. The aim of this mask is to clear pores which I would 100% agree with as it definitely has helped with breakouts and the overall apprentice of my skin. This is a firm favourite in my skincare routine now!

Let me know which products you've been loving at the moment too! I'm always on the look out for more :)

Charlotte x

Monday, 18 August 2014

a weekly roundup - seaside edition

Hi there!

Time for one of those photo diary inspired posts that I haven't done in such a long time but you all seem to really like. Wow great coherent first sentence Charlotte. Most of you will know I was in Brighton for a few days last week and these are some of the photos from said trip. It mainly involved shopping, walking (not a good idea whilst wearing new Birkenstocks let me tell you) and eating ridiculous amounts of doughnuts, crepes and burgers. All in all it was a lovely break away before results day and now I'm home and the stress levels are rising about all the college work I need to do. Sigh. There will be numerous OOTD's coming your way soon plus the usual beauty stuff because I have lots of new birthday buys to share with you all! Who doesn't love a bit of bday shopping hey?

Charlotte x

Thursday, 14 August 2014

17th birthday haul!

Hi there!

As I mentioned in my last blog post it was my 17th birthday (yay for bday's) last week and I thought I'd share some of my most loved presents. I didn't know if this post would be taken the wrong way/seem like I was boasting but I always love watching youtube videos and reading blog posts like this so I hope you guys will too!

My main present which I haven't stopped talking about is my pastel pink Cambridge satchel which is possibly the most beautiful bag I have ever owned. I was so excited when I received this and I'm so obsessed with it, I might upload a whole post dedicated to it. Too much? Nope okay. My Dad (I'm sure with a lot of guidance from my sister) got me a few beauty things which I'm not going to go into too much because I'm sure there will be plenty of posts dedicated to them! A couple of these beauty buys were a couple more eyeshadows to fill my mac pro palette (shroom and omega) which I was so pleased about and the Bobbi Brown Full Coverage Face brush which is possibly the softest foundation brush to have ever been created. Other beauty related gifts include Benefit's 'They're real' mascara and the Marc Jacobs 'Daisy Dreams' perfume aka heaven in a bottle. Seriously it's amazing (plus it has such typically gorgeous Marc Jacobs packaging so it's even more of a winner for me)

My sister bought me some white birkenstock style shoes from topshop which I am head over heels for and have been wearing non stop since last friday for ultimate comfort and bonus points for looking pretty damn cool too. I also got a copious amount of lush products which I was a little over excited about and it might even be possible for me to open my own lush store from the amount of baths bombs currently in my room. These were my main presents which I hope you enjoyed taking a little look at. Keep your eyes pealed for more detailed posts about most of them coming soon!

Charlotte x

ps. I hope everyone who collected their AS/A level results today is happy! I'm super pleased with mine so today has been a pretty happy day (plus my dad bought me some new topshop jeans so y'know that also added to my happiness)

Monday, 11 August 2014

stripes for the seaside

Hi there!

Sorry for not posting in what seems like forever, things have been a little hectic with my birthday last friday and then heading down to Brighton on saturday for a few days with my family. The weather is sunny but windy. Oh so windy. Outfit posts have been a little tricky to shoot because of lots of hair flying in face situations; it's not a good look but I'm just going to roll with it. We've pretty much just been exploring the lanes and shopping/relaxing so it will be a nice break before results day on thursday which I'm praying will be a happy day but I can't help worrying ridiculous amounts *cries*

I wear this outfit all the time and I thought it would be comfy and nice to travel in as well as not looking all that bad (I was considering pyjamas but I thought walking around in my piglet leggings might not be the best idea). My jeans are looking a little worse for wear but they're the topshop leigh's if anyone wanted to get their hands on some which I would definitely recommend because they're super comfortable and soft. Trust me on that one because I'm a very fussy jeans/denim person. My tee is also from topshop and again is one of the most worn things in my wardrobe. Does anyone else find themselves instinctively drawn to stripes? 

If any of you are long time Charlotte's Web readers (plus 10 points for you) then you will probably know I've been wanting a Cambridge satchel for the longest time. I received this one for my birthday last week and it hasn't left my shoulder for  the entire weekend, I love it so much *insert all the heat eyed emojis*. The colour and everything about it is so perfect and I can tell I'll be using it non stop for the foreseeable future. My lovely mother also got it embossed for me so it's even more special and I think it just makes the whole thing look even nicer. My white birkenstock-esque sandals were another bday present and have been pretty much glued to my feet since I opened them. They're from topshop and I love how they bring almost any outfit together and look especially fab with jeans and my satchel (yes I am still talking about that bag).

I hope you've all had a wonderful weekend! Watch this space for lots more outfit posts this week.

Charlotte x

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

16 things I learnt whilst being 16

1) You still don't like coffee despite really really wanting to (no amount of buying starbucks iced caramel lattes will change your mind *sighs*)
2) Bubble baths can't fix everything but they are a good place to start
3) Christmas definitely is the best time of the year
4) Treat yourself every now and again because you deserve it
5) Exams aren't everything so don't stress too much because it achieves nothing and in the end you'll probably be okay

7) Not everyone you meet is going to be particularly nice so feel free to avoid those people without feeling rude
8) Friends can be the most important people in your life so treat them. Buy them chocolate and bath bombs and show them you're there for them too because you never know when you're going to need someone to call at 2am
9) Buying flowers can make a genuine impact on your mood so treat yourself to those peonies you saw yesterday because they're pretty and why not
10) Strawberry milkshake rules and it's okay to drink it every single day
11) Some people will have ignorant and silly opinions and sometimes you have to stand up for yourself
12) It's cliche I know but I genuinely feel like a lot of things in life happen for a reason you just don't know it yet
13) Yes boybands will ruin your life (I'm talking about you one direction) so crying at wembley stadium when you see your two favourite bands perform on the same night is a totally okay thing to do
14) Fangirling is fab and don't let anyone tell you otherwise
15) Reading books can make such a difference to your mental state/health so read as widely and as much as possible.
16)Not everything that matters happens on twitter. Explore without your phone and instagram for a while

Charlotte x

Saturday, 2 August 2014

after party skincare

Hi there!

As the warmer weather/heat wave/unbearably sticky weather continues it means bbq's and summer parties are in full swing. I often find after wearing heavier make up for parties or products with a higher spf in warmer weather, the effects on my skin are really noticeable. Cue whipping out the face masks and scrubs with my favourites being from Lush aka my second home. Lately I've been loving the Cupcake face mask from Lush which I use to give me skin a little pick me up or if it's looking a little tired. It has some fab ingredients including cocoa powder (so it smells incredible too) to help draw out impurities leaving your skin clean and soft! It also includes fresh mint to tone your skin and reduce redness so it's the perfect mask for me and any other oily skin suffering bloggers out there. This is definitely one of my favourite Lush skincare products and so far it's worked wonders on my skin. Definitely one for your shopping list.

For a more deep skin clean then exfoliating is your new best friend. I exfoliate quite regularly to help get rid of dead skin cells and keep blackheads at bay and Lush's Ocean Salt face and body scrub is my favourite for this. Not only does it look like mermaids and unicorns (trust me its the prettiest shiny blue/silver colour) but it when I use it after the Cupcake mask my skin is SO SOFT. This is perfect for giving your skin a bit of TLC if you've been to a few too many summer parties and it needs a little revitalising because the ingredients really help to brighten your complexion! With grapefruits to help cleanse and tone and sea salt to help scrub away any dead skin cells this really is the perfect after party skin solution (could that sentence have been any longer..?). 

The final product I wanted to mention is one I have yet to try but I am so excited for! Lush's Dream Steam tab is quite possibly the best after party skincare idea ever for helping get rid of any impurities that could have got into your skin through make up or just from suncream and general other summer things your skin might hate! The idea behind Dream Steam is to drop it into hot water and use the it to steam your face with all the fab essential oils inside it. You can also use a muslin cloth or flannel once the water is cooler to wash away any dirt or product/make up from your face; the perfect product non? 

Let me know what your favourite skincare products are for the summer months or if your thoughts on any of these Lush ones!

Charlotte x
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