Friday, 22 August 2014

the cat eye glasses

Hi there!

As promised here is another of my Brighton OOTD's from last week featuring possibly the most worn dress in my wardrobe. I love this blue gingham smock from asos because not only is it ridiculously comfy (and who doesn't love a bit of lazy dressing some days?!) but it also has the classic smock dress loose fit which I love for those really hot days when you feel like wearing no clothes but that's not really an option. Anyone else get that? My new glasses are my favourite purchase in a while which I picked up from a little stall in the Lanes but I've seen lots of cat eye inspired glasses on Asos too if you fancy picking up some for yourself. I loved them so much I went back and got them in a tortoise shell brown too. Oops. 

My bag as per usual is my Cambridge Satchel which I'm not going to talk about too much because I have mentioned it about 52192 times (not even exaggerating) since I got it. Some of you commented on previous posts saying you would like to see a whole post dedicated it which I'd be more than happy to do if you're not all bored of me talking about it yet! For shoes I just went for my low rise pink converse because we were walking a lot that day and I'd made the mistake of wearing my birkenstocks the day before for a 6 mile walk. Not a good idea if you want to avoid ridiculously painful feels-like-you've-broken-your-ankle the next day times. Also I'm currently in the process of growing out my fringe so excuse the awkwardness of my hair. We've all been there right?

Happy Friday!

Charlotte x

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