Monday, 25 August 2014

the everyday eye look

Hi there!

For my everyday make up I keep things very neutral and simple because 1) who has time for a smokey eye and winged liner look at 6am (not me that's for sure) and 2) I'm not always feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed enough to concentrate on a complicated look. These are my go to products for an easy everyday look that still work really well together to create a neutral but pretty look.

First up, my mac pro palette. Oh my this is possibly one of the most loved things in my make up collection and I can't wait to fill it up completely (although my bank balance will be looking a little worse for wear when I do). The shades I have so far (L-R) are Wedge, Woodwinked, Shroom and Omega and I adore them all for everyday. I mostly use Shroom all over the lid and Wedge through the crease to add a bit of definition to my eyes and I find these colours really compliment lighter/blonde hair so if that's you then definitely check them out. I also love Woodwinked and usually but I tend to go for this shade if I have a little more time in the morning to blend etc because usually I'm a tired mess falling asleep into my granola. What a pleasant image for you all.

For my eyeshadow I usually grab my Mac 217 (fluffiest blending brush ever created) or my Real Technique base shadow brush. I would 100% recommend both of these for super easy blending and application of eyeshadow and they make it so quick and easy in the mornings. For mascara, no surprises here, I always reach for They're Real from Benefit which has the most dreamy formula ever. Literally you can get volumised, lengthened and jet black lashes from this little tube and am I the only one who loves this packaging too? I think it's so cute! Again if you had a little more time in the morning you could add some winged liner to give the illusion of thicker lashes or if a cat eye look is your signature thing then add that in too. So that's it! The perfect products for a neutral everyday eye look that is simple enough for if you're in a hurry but looks really pretty!

Let me know in the comments which products you gravitate towards on a daily basis!

Charlotte x
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