Thursday, 9 October 2014

A/W 14 style inspiration

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Oh Pinterest. That little website is quite literally my addiction (as well as instagram, twitter etc but then again I do write a blog so I tell myself it's justified, ahem) and I love flicking through other peoples boards to feel all inspired and happy. Inspiration is such a fab feeling, non? I've been absolutely loving high neck/turtle neck jumpers at the moment and I need more in my life. I picked up one from Topshop last week which I'm so in love with and will probably feature in an ootd soon (when I can find a spare second from college work at the weekends o m g). I love the slouchy look they can give to an outfit if you dress them down with skinny ripped jeans and a satchel/strucutred bag or how they can be dressed up to look more formal too. SO versatile and perfect for keeping warm in the colder months (combining comfort, warmth and chic = winner for me).

Layering is something that comes around every A/W and it's probably the thing I look forward to most about winter styling. I was really inspired by the layering of shirts, jumpers and a blazer in one of the above images because I think the contrast in length, texture and cut work really well together. Also by pairing the outfit with trainers it adds a more laid back and comfortable vibe which again I think works really well and is something I really want to try out myself. I've never been into the whole "oh I'm wearing my really cute gym shoes" look but I may have to delve into the trainers world because they look so fab with so many different pieces. I'm also still really into monochrome and so grey, black and white are the main colour palette for my current wardrobe this season. I love how chic and cool the combination of black tights, shoes and shorts look in the fourth photo and now I really need a pair of black structured shorts in my life. They look incredible. 

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Saturday, 4 October 2014

autumnal excitement

Hi there!

It's october, horaay! October is one of my favourite months for so many reasons but in particular because it's one month closer to chirstmas. I know. I'm obsessed. It also means I can buy 145932 jumpers and not feel as guilty because I **need** them now it's getting colder (ahem, that's just what I like to tell myself anyway). I've seen a couple of other bloggers upload similar autumnal excitement posts and took inspiration from them when I was writing this. Here are some of the things I want to do this autumn:

-carve a pumpkin (okay I guess this doesn't really fit with the entire season of autumn but for halloween I tend to get a little competitive (read: overexcited) when it comes to pumpkin carving)

-take more photographs for fun! I seem to be forever taking photos for my blog or photography a level but I really just want to take lots of me and my friends or just general life stuff to look back on 
-go for a walk when it's cold and not complain that I'm too cold (this will may be tricky as my body temperature is usually -73829 degrees)
-keep my room tidy for at least one week
-go to the cinema with my friends and get pick n mix
-walk through brown and red leaves in some ankle boots because this seems like a very pinterest thing to do
-organise my life (may take a while but I'm going to give it a go)

Let me know what you're looking forward to/hoping to get up to this autumn. In other non relevant news I've bought quiteeee a few new clothing items recently (I couldn't resist, I promise I tried) so was thinking of doing either a haul or just posting ootds? I'm leaning more towards the latter but just let me know which you would prefer! Happy weekend everyone!

Charlotte x
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