Wednesday, 30 December 2015

2015 in review

I LOVE LISTS OKAY. I was torn (as seen on Twitter) between a very lengthy and very detailed year in review post and cutting it down to my top 20 best bits but I figured people probably don't care that much about my life to read it back month by month so here we are with another list on the blog. MUCH EXCITE. 2015 was a year that brought a lot of changes, a many of which were exciting and many of which still terrify me but I guess that's what comes from being a creature of habit and painfully stuck in routine. I promise this post is actually going to be really positive and happy because a lot of positive and happy things have happened in the big 2-0-1-5 so here goes, with lots of pictures as promised. 2015:

1) I finished my A levels and got grades I really had only dreamt of!! A levels were a real struggle for me because of ongoing mental health issues and the constant perfectionist battle so I'm so pleased to be including this in this post because at times it seemed like I'd need a miracle to get me through. I finished sixth form with A*, A, B and it makes me actually well up a lil writing that down because I'm so DAMN PROUD OF ME which is not something I feel very often. Educational success is always something I have valued a lot and so although grades really are just grades, they signify a lot more than that for me (cringe??).

2) I also met Scott this year which cringe as it may be was definitely number one of my 2015. I'm not embarrassed to admit this was my first relationship but it felt like the most natural thing in the world being with him so I guess that's the best sign possible ?? We've had a tonne of adventures and days spent wasted (although totally not wasted and actually some of the best) in bed watching films and eating toast, afternoons baking, walks on the beach and eating ALL the good food and nearly all my good memories are filled with him. I know there's a very slim chance he'll be reading this despite the fact he stalks my social media daily :) but I hope a lot of my 2016 good memories also include the two of us.

3) I finally got round to the whole binge watching TV shows thing I've been missing out on ?? I've always been more of a films kinda gal but 2015 was the year I became completely and utterly obsessed by Gossip Girl. Like on another level. I spent my summer in between finishing exams and getting my results watching episode after episode and actually don't regret a thing because sometimes having days in bed whilst you've finished your exam responsibilities is exactly what's needed. I also developed a true love for Ed Westwick which I obvs could not regret in the slightest. I've now moved onto The Walking Dead which I started this week and am already onto season 3. Still regret nothing.

4) I visited Brighton again which was the happiest time EVER. It truly is my favourite place in the entire world so taking along my favourite person and playing tour guide for 3 days was for sure the highlight of my year. We visited all the cute food destinations (bagelman included), made an obligatory Photo Booth stop off, paddled in the sea, ate red velvet cupcakes and Instagrammed the shizz out of it all (mainly just me doing that). S and I are planning another trip next Easter and I already cannot wait to be back in the place that I feel happiest. 

5) 2015 WAS THE YEAR OF MEETING INTERNET FRIENDS. Hayley is someone I've known through Twitter and Instagram for what must be about 3 years now and we've been friends for the best part of that time and I really really don't know where I would be without her. She has helped me through SO much and meeting her 3 times this year has been THE best thing ever because actually being able to chat face to face non stop over hummus and halloumi burgers was the loveliest experience ever. Also since moving to more Northern parts of the UK I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Polly who is potentially one of the most wonderful humans in my life ever ?? We've met twice this year both of which were equally as fun and she also introduced me to the wonderful world of sushi which I may be forever in her debt for. Again chatting with someone you really get along with over yummy foods and drinks for hours is the nicest thing ever and makes me really value these wonderful peeps in my life because these have been some of the loveliest memories of this year. Also this post couldn't go without the mention of being invited to Charlotte's house for Bake Off and pasta bake because again that was the nicest way to start a not so nice time at uni.

6) Speaking of uni, it would be wrong to write a year in review post without mentioning the whole sorry affair because it has genuinely had a couple of perks (I'm sure it will be a surprise to you all). Despite my not so secret dislike of the experience so far, uni has created a sense of independence (real life and mental) that has been so good for me!! I am 100% the sort of person that relies on friends and family for support and love and general life things on a daily basis so the thought of moving so far away was really quite terrifying but it has really really helped me. I do things for myself now that would have scared me a lot before like organising food and budgeting and y'know what ?? I actually survive!! I do meal plans!! I clean the kitchen daily!! It's no secret that university has not been the best time for me but I think learning that I can be independent has been the best lesson of the year. 

7) I realised (although I deffo already knew) that I have the best friends ever ?? I have had SO many fun adventures with friends this year that it makes my heart happy just thinking about them so I'll talk about just a couple of my faves. A birthday beach trip with some of my secondary school friends featuring a picnic, sea paddling, getting a little lost on the way and the best photos from my selfie stick (don't ask) ever. Also a London visit with my one of my favourites (hey reb) in which we found the best frozen yoghurt destination just off Carnaby Street that I need to return to ASAP. Numerous nights at the sailing club chalet which is always overrun by my college pals on evenings when no one else is around filled with laughter, fireworks, sleepovers and 3am pizza orders. THE BEST TIMES. 

8) I saw One Direction again for the last time in a while which is both happy and sad for moi. It's really no secret that I adore them and had the best time ever seeing them in London earlier this autumn despite the many cancelled and delayed trains that got in my way. My love for Louis Tomlinson is still real.

9) My college summer ball was possibly one of the happiest evenings of my whole year. After months (if not the entire two years) of A level stress, tears and constant exam anxiety being able to celebrate finishing exams with our (small but fab) sixth form was the loveliest thing in the world. There's not many occasions when I feel happy with how I look but being with S and my best pals all dressed up was a time when I didn't worry at all about anything other than having fun and that is so rare for me. I regret not taking enough pictures that even of us all lookin' fancy but at the same time I know I was enjoying myself far too much to think about that and sometimes I think living in the moment without snapchatting it is far more important.

10) I fell in love with social media all over again?? Even more than before?? I have really enjoyed Twitter as an online *safe place* this year and have gained so much reassurance and confidence from interacting with some of the best people there. I know it sounds silly to include this as a highlight of my year but without the great interwebs I would never have met Hayley and Polly (who have taken up a whole paragraph of their own so really must be great) and also seeing successes of other online friends makes me beyond happy. I love how familiar and comforting it is to be updated with people's lives on the internet and seeing my friends be successful and share their happy moments makes me so happy too. I hope people never stop tweeting because I gain so much happiness from happiness in others lives.

I feel like this last point about the internet rounds this post off nicely because it was the truly wonderful Olly (@ollypenderghast) that inspired this post after reading his own fab review of 2015 which you should definitely also take a look at (his life is far more exciting). This will be my last post of the year and so although my blog has had to take a back seat for many reasons in 2015, I'm really proud of what I have posted and hope those who have read it have enjoyed!! Happy New Year to you all!!! 


Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Christmas gift wrapping!

Christmas AKA the best time of year EVER. It's no secret that I am a bit of a Christmas obsessive and since coming home from university last week I have been going all out festive which means mince pie baking, Christmas song listening and duh, ALLLL the present wrapping. This year I went for the classic brown parcel paper and twine combo which I really love!! I think it's such a simple but pretty way of wrapping presents and I love how traditionally festive it looks. I picked up my supplies from WHSmith and whilst I was browsing the many Christmas goodies I came across these little felt holly leaves with red bells which I just had to have. Again I think they just make a gift look really special and are such a simple way to decorate your wrapping. 

Also just wanted to explain why Charlotte's Web has been so lacking with content at the mo and really there's not much to tell which makes me feel even more rubbish about the sporadic uploads. My first term at university was pretty full on which combined with the stresses of moving away from home really wasn't easy and so blogging was sort of the last thing on my mind as I was drowning in assignments and stresses about living so far away. I have also just been feelin a little uninspired with the content I'm producing and don't really know which direction to take my blog in but I'm hoping with 2016 looming I'll be able to commit to more regular uploads and focus on the style I really want CW to be about. ANYWAYS that is enough rambling for today (v out of practice with this blogging malarky), I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and stay tuned for my annual gift post (hopefully) coming soon!! Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Gallery of Costume: Elsa Schiaparelli exhibition

A couple of weeks ago I hopped on the train to Manchester and headed to the Gallery of Costume for the Elsa Schiaparelli exhibition that was running alongside their suffragette to supermodel exhibition. I thought I would share some of the snaps from the day because after all I am a fashion student and really would love my blog to become a way for me to document my degree as well as the usual mix of lifestyle / beauty / everyday musings. I really would recommend checking out the exhibition if you're in the Manchester area or can get to it easily (we got an Uber from the centre which was under £10) because it was a beautiful exhibition in a beautiful gallery.

Monday, 30 November 2015

Things that made me happy this week

As many of the peeps who follow me on Twitter will know, uni so far hasn't been the easiest of 'journeys' (*coughs* why so cringe) and in fact I've spent quite a lot of time feelin a little bit down about things. I'm a bit of a sucker for samey samey things and change is a very scary thing for any anxiety sufferer so moving 3 and a half hours away from my fam, cats and boyf was never going to be the easiest. S visited me this weekend hence the delicious food that I indulged in and could never justify eating without him and the abundance of selfies and pictures of him because after 4 weeks of not seeing him it would be fair to say I was missing him a fair bit. So seeing as I was abnormally happy and content this week in the build up to see this one, I thought I would write about a few things that have made me happy.

1) Visiting Leeds again this weekend. Despite my homesickness and feeling a little (read: a lot) out of place at uni, I'm really happy that I'm so close to Leeds because after never having been a couple of months ago, it has fast become one of my favourite cities. I don't know if it's just because I've had a lot of happy memories there lately but there's something about it that just makes me so bloomin' happy. It has such a good vibe and I'm all about finding a happy place.

2) Enjoying too hot chocolates in 48 hours; it's the small things. 

3) Devouring the most delicious food EVA in the space of one weekend. As a student with not only a v limited budget but also v limited free time, eating out is not really an option (also the fact I don't have a meal/eating buddy here but let's try not to dwell on that). So with S visiting this weekend we took full advantage of treating ourselves and enjoying what seemed like the shortest but sweetness weekend. If you're ever in Huddersfield, Espresso Corner is THE place to go for food, honestly can't recommend enough. We spent far too long snoozing on Sunday morning so breakfast became brunch but that turned out pretty great anyway because how could I turn down a pesto, halloumi and sundried tomato toasted sandwich and salted caramel shortcake. The answer: I couldn't. Many people reading this who follow me elsewhere online and know about my eating disorder struggles may be surprised to see the amount of deliciousness in the images above and I can only put that down to being crazily happily this weekend and worrying about food being the last thing on my mind. It's so nice having happy distractions that make all the other irrational worries seem small and meaningless, at least for now. 

4) Going to a sofa cinema!!!! Now, as most may know by now I am a pretty big Hunger Games fan and so waiting an extra week after its release before seeing it almost killed me (pardon the insensitivity). However, it was well worth the wait because seeing it in a cinema fully decked with comfy sofas, cushions and mini tables made it all the more fun. Also perhaps TMI but it was so damn comfy in there that there was no numb bum situation that so regularly occurs in a normal cinema. Unless that's just me. Moving on.

5) SUSHI. Again another food related happiness but since visiting Leeds last week and lunching with Polly I have fallen head over heels for all things sushi. Up until last Sunday I had never tried sushi of any description and now I'm a fully fledged sushi enthusiast meaning a trip to Yo Sushi! on Saturday was 100% necessary. I tried to refrain from eating absolutely everything because I knew dinner was on the cards that evening however I can't say I was all that good and did in fact consume a lot of avocado maki. I <3 it.

6) Christmas is so close now!!! I decked my uni room out with some (more) fairy lights today and S brought an advent calendar with him because he knew I still hadn't got round to getting myself one and now I'm full on feeling the festivities. I have a tonne of deadlines before I get to go home for Chrimbo but the thought of seeing my family, being able to have bubble baths every day (YUS) and enjoying alllllllll the Christmas food goodness is getting me through.

I hope maybe reading about the things that made me happy this week made you think about the good stuff that made you smile recently, I feel brighter again just reading back over all the happiness that took place this weekend. Also pls let me know any Leeds food recommendations for future adventures. I would love that.


Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Comfort zones and saying YES

Since moving to university mid September, anxiety has been become more and more prevalent in my life (who thought it was possible eh?) and along with that has come a lot of thinking (like a lot, a lot). As any other anxiety sufferer will know, it can be v v hard to move out of your comfort zone which has been particularly challenging at uni seeing as my comfort zone isn’t that vast. In fact it’s tiny. The tiniest comfort zone ever. Just going to my uni lectures, talking to new people and living in a new place are all things that are WAY out of what I’m comfortable doing and so the thought of socialising and going out to clubs and bars is a bit of a no no. This is especially difficult as I don’t drink which most people really don't understand and I get about 489191 questions when in a social situation (although I did have my first cocktail a couple of weeks ago with S, that’s about as crazy as it gets). Anyway, all this comfort zone stuff got me thinking about the things I’m missing out on at uni that my class mates and friends at other universities are doing and it’s got me feeling a little glum. I don’t really have any desire to go on night out’s, I’ve only been ‘out’ out once in my life and it was with the BF and friends from home, all of whom I feel the most comfortable with. Quite frankly the thought of queueing for a club in the cold northern temperatures (the weather here at the moment is somethin else) with people I’m not overly comfortable with makes me want curl up in a ball, cry and drown my sorrows in strawberry milkshake for the rest of time. At the same time I realise that going out and socialising and all that jazz could actually turn out to be fun; so far my uni experience so far has not been typical of student life and has in fact mostly consisted of assignment work, eating halloumi and skyping S and my friends (all of which I’m enjoying but y’know, I’m missing out on other things).

ANYWHO, all this thinking and overthinking and contemplating why I can’t possibly bring myself to say yes to anything at all has led me to the conclusion that this girl is about to make some changes. Dramatic as it sounds, I have made a pact with myself that I really am going to try my upmost to say yes to a few things that scare me. I’m not sure if this will happen university wise because going out and doing things outside of my halls bedroom is a little too daunting at the mo, but in other aspects of life I’m really going to try. I’ve been noting down some of the things I’ve always wanted to do but never really got round to. It might sound cliche but I really do think life is too short to put off doing anything that you want to. So, here’s the list:

1.Go to a festival. I realise this one won’t be happening anytime soon but at least that gives me time to prepare myself because this is the thing I want to do the most but am absolutely terrified of. Every year I see my friends / people I follow online’s festival snaps posted all over instagram and every year I wish I was also wearing flower crowns and being care free and having an amazing time with my favourite peeps. I’m fully aware that festivals have a number of other aspects to them such as the toilet situation (I try not to think about this part), being hot and sweaty in crowds (just the thought of crowds makes me panic) and the almost guaranteed possibility of rain. All that aside, I really do want to try. Oh dear god.

2. Go abroad. Similarly to number 1, this is another thing that terrifies me greatly but hey, that’s the whole point of the exercise *gulps*. This year I was invited on a couple of holidays with friends abroad to places I actually really do want to visit however I politely declined as well as saying nope to a holiday to Greece with my dad and sister. The main problem with going abroad is the intense fear I have of flying which I mean, is a pretty big issue when it comes to getting to the destination. The last flight I went on was really just a 4 hour dragged out panic attack and so you can probably understand why I’m reluctant to try the whole thing again. I also just have so much anxiety about traveling in general; the different currency, different language (perhaps I should just venture to America) and just the whole prospect of going somewhere new makes me WANNA CRY. However, next year is the year I am determined to head abroad whether that be by plane or not because I am so tired of missing out on seeing different parts of the world that I know I would absolutely love once I’m there. S and I are thinking of going to Paris which I like the idea of because there is no plane involved in that and also, with DisneyLand on the cards I really cannot say no. FINGERS CROSSED.

3. Learn to drive! Again, something nearly every single one of my friends has done and can now confidently get themselves around from place to place without needing their parents to be a taxi service. I'm still stuck using the taxi service. Learning to drive is something that I have put off for about a year now and have made numerous excuses for never getting round to doing but for some reason I am feelin pretty determined to do it now. Writing this blog post has reminded me that I need to order my provisional license ASAP and get my butt in gear to do this one because I really really do want to.

4. Get a job. Again anxiety has always got in the way of this one and the one job interview I have had resulted in one of the worst panic attacks I've ever had so my reluctance for this one is pretty great. Having never had a job because of being too terrified to do so has (obviously) meant a great lack of £££ but I always reassured myself that this was fine because I wasn't in a position to push myself to get a job without impacting my mental health. However, as a student in the most independent position of living away from home that I've ever experienced I feel like now is the time I want to try because after all, what's the worst that can happen? Also if I want to tick these other things off my metaphorical bucket list, I'm going to need some money to do so. 

So that's the great, exciting, wonderful and completely and utterly terrifying list. I really hope at some point I can re read this blog post and happily say I ticked everything off and I hope that happens soon. The cute lil illustration at the top of this post really stuck with me and if anyone else is feeling in the same anxious / hopeless situation of missing out on life then please try to remember it. "Don't be so safe you miss the fun"


Friday, 9 October 2015

The ultimate glow

I feel like I’m still clinging on to summer a little bit with this post. I really am a lover of all things autumn and crisp mornings and crunchy leaves and all but this autumn has been mostly a mixture of anxiety and feeling a lil bit alone now I’ve moved to university. This summer was filled with so much fun which I’m now clinging too and reminiscing over on a daily basis, sad times people. With the whole *desperately wishing I could go back to Brighton/warm weather/being with Scott* vibes I’ve also really been feelin’ glowy make up. Still. In October. I haven’t done a beauty post in ages so I feel a little out of practice writing one (hence the 3 year long intro) but I am 200% loving all of these products so I hope you likey.

First up, something I have adored FOREVER and have definitely rambled about before; Mac Soft and Gentle highlighter. I love love love the pigmentation of this one and the instant glow it adds to my (non existent) cheekbones. This highlighter is pretty damn glittery so I try to just apply a little of this to add a little extra glow but it is possible to look like an actual disco ball if you’re feelin crazy and that’s what you want to go for :) :) I usually use this one over the top of my next fave for glowy make up (that transition tho) Benefit ‘Watts up’ highlighter. This product definitely reminds me of summer because it was a birthday present and I’ve worn it almost every day since receiving it! It’s a cream highlighter so I like to apply a little to my fingers and then blend to my cheekbones that way because it does have the tendency to drag your foundation otherwise. I think it’s possible with all highlighting products to go a little OTT which I can definitely relate to with this one but if you manage to perfect the right amount of product and blend it then it looks GORGEOUS. Like I said I tend to run a little of Soft and Gentle over the top of this one to get a combination of the glow from ‘Watts up’ with the glitter from Mac; my go-to highlighting combo!

I’m not a big fan of eyeshadow (mainly because I suck at it) but recently I’ve been loving the lighter pretty pink shade in my little Elizabeth Arden duo (Pink Clover). I first wore it to my One Direction concert a couple of weeks ago and since then have really been enjoying wearing it day to day. It gives a really pretty almost iridescent finish and I find it so versatile in the way it can be used; a light wash of sheen and shimmer or it can be built up so the pink is a lot more visible. It looks fab with winged liner too! Another product that reminds me of summer *cries* is my Hourglass Ambient Lighting blush in the shade Iridescent Pink. This was another birthday present from my lovely friends and it’s been a firm fave since then. I’m not usually one for blusher and was always a little scared of it but this product is so easy to work with and creates the prettiest finish. I love the way this blush looks with my Benefit highlighter and think the combination of the two is fool proof for a pretty and glowy cheek! 

As you can tell I’m really not ready to let go of glowy make up just yet despite the fact Christmas is just around the corner (excitement levels are off the scale) so I hope some of you peeps are also still clinging to summer and all things glow too. 

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Top 3 Netflix documentary recommendations

I tweeted the other day (what’s new) asking if anyone would be interested in reading a post about my fave Netflix watches / recommendations and a couple of peeps seemed into the idea so that’s what I’m doing right now. As if you hadn’t already guessed from this intro and the title of the post. Yep. As a little disclaimer I just want to profess my love for Gossip Girl and say that it’s definitely my all time favourite Netflix watch (who doesn’t want to be Blair Waldorf let’s be real) but I thought it might be more interesting to share documentary recommendations because I’ve learnt so so much from them that I think is super important.

First things first (trying to resist the urge to finish that line with “I’m the realest”) is one that has become pretty popular on the interwebs over the past couple of years, Blackfish. I’ve seen this twice now and was moved by it just as much the second time as the first. For those who have no idea what the film is about; it focuses on the treatment of Orcas and killer whales kept in captivity, namely SeaWorld in America. For any animal lovers (or anyone with a heart) it is difficult to watch parts of the documentary because seeing animals in pain or distressed is not nice but I think it’s really important to expose ourselves to what really goes on for those animals and try and prevent it from happening. I’ve never visited SeaWorld but I really can’t imagine anyone wanting to after watching Blackfish. If you imagine how vast the oceans are that whales would be swimming through if they were living in the wild and then see the space they have whilst in captivity, there’s just no comparison to be made. I’m aware that in a lot of cases captivity for conservation purposes etc is beneficial to animals especially for those that are endangered however when they are separated from their families and taken from their natural habitat in order to perform and make money for the corporations that own them I don’t think it’s justifiable. I don’t know if I’m sounding like a crazy whale-obsesed-lady but truly I hope more and more people watch this documentary and feel as strongly about the issue as I do in order to maybe make a difference. 

Vegucated is another documentary that I would highly recommend to absolutely everyone; it has opened my eyes so much to problems in the animal agriculture and dairy industries and the health benefits of becoming vegan! Prior to watching Vegucated I really had no idea about the extreme conditions animals are put through in the animal agribusiness. I obvs wasn’t completely naive to harsh conditions when animals are being raised for meat but Vegucated allowed me to see how this extends to the dairy industry too and how there really is no way to consume animal products without harming them in the process. I know for a lot of people eating meat is something they’ve grown up with, is now part of their routine, something they enjoy the taste of or simply a connivence but I really wholeheartedly hope at least one person who reads this gives the documentary a watch. I’ve become so much more educated on the topic since watching it (and other similar docs, keep reading for most info) and it has changed my entire perception of eating meat and dairy too. I realise I haven’t exactly detailed what the documentary is about- it focuses on 3 adults in America and follows their journeys as they go from meat eaters to vegan as part of a 6 week challenge. It shows the struggles that they go through in doing so and I found it so interesting to follow their progress and become educated on the issues whilst they were learning too. The mix of facts, statistics and information as well as the stories of those transitioning to a vegan diet make a really interesting and enthralling watch. I definitely recommend Vegucated for anyone who doesn’t know much about animal agriculture (this was deffo me before watching it) because it’s truly opened my eyes to the heartbreaking industry. I hope I haven’t made it sound too intense, I just feel so strongly about the topic now.

And finally, most importantly of all (imo), Cowspiracy. This one covers topics fairly similar to that of Vegucated but it looks much further into the environmental effects of animal agriculture in a way that’s really clear. Despite mainstream media etc suggesting that it’s factors such as fossil fuels, greenhouse gases and carbon emissions that are the leading causes for global warming there are in fact so many statistics to show that it is in fact animal farming that has the biggest impact on our planet. One of the main reasons that Amazon rainforest is being cut down at such a rate (1 football pitch per second in size) is to make way for ‘grazing’ land for cattle or for space to grow the grain and resources needed to feed them. It highlights so many important issues and if you were to watch any documentary that I’ve mentioned I would really (really, really) hope it would be this one. It made me question so many practices and parts of the meat and dairy industry that are considered normal and although, like Vegucated, it has some gruesome parts, I think it’s important to expose ourselves to what’s really happening. Obviously it’s not nice to watch animals (or anything/anyone for that matter) in pain but I think if you find it difficult to watch then it shows that maybe we shouldn’t be doing it. If you wouldn’t consider yourself interested in watching / learning about animal agriculture I really would urge you to just take an hour and a half of your time to give it a watch and tweet me about your thoughts afterwards. Scott and I have had many disagreements about veganism and the effects of the meat industry etc (sorry S) so I know there will be tonnes of varying opinions on this one but either way I think it’s important to give it a chance. 

This post turned out to be a lot more lengthy than planned, sorry bout' that one! As you can probably tell I feel really strongly about a lot of the issues raised in these documentaries and hope others will also enjoy learning more about them. Please tweet me (@_charl0ttesweb if u don't already follow) if you decide to watch any of them or maybe if I've inspired you to look a little more into the topics raised by them, I would absolutely love to know. 


Monday, 28 September 2015

University room tour

Hey guys !!! I've well and truly settled (kind of) into university now and had my first lecture this morning which was both exciting and terrifying at the same time. For those of you that don't know I'm studying Fashion Communication and Promotion which is my DREAM so all in all I should be really happy and excited but instead I'm just feeling a little lonely and overwhelmed at the mo. I keep seeing instagram posts from my friends who are now spread around the country at other universities and they look like they're having the best time so I feel a little down that I'm also not having the best time. Anyway, I'm hoping that once I've properly started my course and I'm busy with assignment and projects everything will be better (let's pray).

Seeing as my university flat is the place I'll call home for the months to come I've tried to make it as homely and 'char' as possible which has made me feel a little more settled. I thought I'd share a couple of pics of my university flat whilst it's still tidy (ahem, as I write this post I have towels hung in front of the window trying to dry them. Life). I'm v lucky that my flat is actually super nice and it's just been refurbished (that extra £9 a week for a nice flat was fo sure worth it) so everything is shiny and fully functioning (mostly). The blind, floor and walls are all very neutral which gets a thumbs up from me because I was completely terrified of horribly patterned curtains that didn't match any of my bedding (I am actually being serious). When I first moved in I was really reluctant to put my photos up on my pin board because I didn't want to put holes in my polaroids but in the end my wall was looking very bare and I wanted some snaps of my friends in my room to remind me that I actually have some. I told you I was feeling lonely. Also, FAIRY LIGHTS ARE A MUST. I have mine on every evening and it makes the room seem so much more cosy and there's something about those little lights that's just very comforting. My bedding is from H&M home and other little touches to note might be the copper lamp (Homebase), my cacti (assortment of IKEA, garden centres and lil birthday gifts from S) and two of my faves, the copper letter 'C' and photo frame (Oliver Bonas). 

My room is feeling a lot more 'me' now it's just a shame I don't feel very 'me' at the moment at uni. Very much hoping that once I get into the swing of living here and making friends (please god let me make friends) I will enjoy myself as much as I had hoped !! 


Thursday, 17 September 2015

A/W15 inspo

HEY GUYS!! Long time no speak (type ?? I don’t even know). Since my last post I have moved into my uni halls (!!!) which has meant a lot of changes e.g. learning how to work the fancy hob in the flat kitchen, adjusting to showers instead of baths (cry) and just generally trying not to feel overwhelmed by it all. I’m so very happy with my uni room and it feels pretty damn homely now I have all my things are well and truly scattered everywhere so in the not too distant future there may be a room tour on the cards. I haven’t got a proper set up for blog photo taking atm and in all honesty I’m struggling with ideas for posts anywho (sigh). SO instead I thought I’d post about some of the trends I’m loving right now and the vibes I’ll be channeling for A/W15 because who doesn’t love a bit of Pinterest inspo, non?

Looking through my latest Pins on my style board had me feelin' all kinds of excited for A/W dressing because, just look at the colour palette of the above pics. GORGE. I'm all about suede this season and there are some absolute beauts on ASOS in my saved basket that may sadly never make it into the shopping bag. The student budgeting has begun (ugh). But as I said, I'm allllll about suede everything this season from dresses to my fave button down skirts and also that beauty of a suede dress on the bottom right. Another trend I'm totally on board with is slim fit tees and jumpers. I picked up a couple on ASOS and Topshop before moving to uni (because the budgeting didn't need to start then ....... oops ....... ) which I'm head over heels for and can't wait to style with A line button downs and under dresses too because I'm all about that layering now it's getting colder. Turtles necks are also a thing that I never stopped lovin' since last winter and are definitely a staple in my wardrobe this year too. I adore all things high neck for keeping me that extra bit warm but also for how chic and effortless they look. Pair with some skinnies and ankle boots and you can feel all Alexa Chung with minimal effort. A complete winner in my book. I'm obsessed with looking at the NYFW16 snaps and the FOMO will continue this week no doubt when London Fashion Week starts. One day maybe. At least I get to goggle over street style snaps and catwalks from the comfort of my uni room without the aching feet of walking around Somerset House and feeling underdressed compared to all the fashionistas there (that's what I'm telling myself anyway).

I hope you're all doing wonderfully, let me know if you enjoy this kind of posts because I had a lot of fun putting it together! Until next time peeps xo 


Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Pre university musings

I'M MOVING OUT IN 4 DAYS !! 4 !! DAYS !! Freaking out quite majorly over here as the packing that has so far taken place is minimal (read: non existent) and I am still a tiny bit in denial that soon I will be living with four other people who I've never met. Panic has well and truly set in. Here are some of the incessant thoughts currently filling my head:

-V scared about leaving S behind. I know this is cringey and pathetic but I am not a very independent person and having him has helped me massively, I feel like I’ll be lost without him.
-Also sad about the shower situation, I’M A BATH PERSON GOD DAMN IT. How will I survive without using lush bath bombs ?? Also how does one shave their legs in a shower; something I will never know.
-How the heck do I live without being able to cuddle my cats on a daily basis? Also a mystery to me
-I feel like my cooking skills are okay (ish) (emphasis on the ish) but the thought of looking after myself on a daily basis completely by myself is terrifying. It seems ridiculous typing this out because I am 18 years old BUT I rely so much on having my friends and family and boyfriend and I don’t want to do it alone SIGH
-I have to accept the fact I won’t be able to afford domino’s pizza. RIP my love for texas BBQ
-Moving to the north: Will I need to take an extra duvet and 5 winter coats? Will I be so cold I eventually turn into an ice cube ? Am I overestimating how cold it is in the north of England ?? Maybe.

I know this seems like the most negative thing I’ve ever written but right now I’m feeling v overwhelmed about moving out when I still feel so scared !! Any students who have experienced this and are still alive and breathing please reassure me I’ll be okay.

Saturday, 5 September 2015

A box for bath lovers - Love of Bubbles

For anyone that knows me in real life it will be fairly clear that this box is my dream. I adore bath products (a lot) and all things packaged in cute boxes with pink streamers and gorgeous smelling contents so this was always going to be a winner for me. I was contacted by the lovely Ellie a couple of weeks ago about the launch of her company Love of Bubbles and was so very eager to give the products a go after loving the concept so much! I've never really been one for subscription boxes because of the pressure of paying every month etc but the wonderful thing about this box is that you're able to order on and off for whichever month takes your fancy without a rolling fee. Each months box is inspired by a different theme with September's being tooty fruity! The box includes a candle (my fave item), bath salts, a bath cream, a face mask and a soap and literally every product featured in the box smells absolutely divine. On a first impressions basis my favourite items at the moment are definitely the black raspberry and peppercorn candle which is in the cutest tin box and smells AMAZING and also I'm also really excited to try the lil strawberry bath cream.  

Another aspect of the Love of Bubbles boxes that I think is really important to talk about is that all of the products featured are vegan friendly! I know for a lot of people this is a really important factor when buying cosmetics products and I think it's so lovely to see independent companies placing emphasis on vegan friendly products too. Each item within the boxes are hand picked with the intention of best fitting that months theme which is another thing that makes it v v special! I'm particularly looking forward to trying the banana face mask from this months box which includes so many great ingredients such as honey and yoghurt powder which I'm sure my skin will appreciate a lot right now. I'm thinking of doing a more in depth mention of products with my thoughts on how much I like them after trialling them properly but at the moment I've been a little overwhelmed by opening this gorge box of surprises! Also side note, my box was secured with watermelon washi tape. What more could I want ?? September's box is currently reduced to £15.50 (usually £18.50) so make sure to grab one ASAP!

Check out Love of Bubbles @

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Brighton photo diary !!

Also I couldn't resist adding in some iPhone snaps taken on the trip too, not the best quality but definitely some of the best memories

I really hope you enjoyed having a little nosey at the photos I took in Brighton and this wasn't completely boring; I know I love photo diary style posts so I thought it might be fun to put this one together because Brighton is possibly the cutest and photo ready place. Ever. We enjoyed a tonne of amazing food whilst we were there (some of the deliciousness is documented in this post and other things I just devoured straight away) and I would 100% recommend literally everywhere we visited. Some personal faves were Hen (organic chicken restaurant, pinterest worthy interior to die for, pink lemonade in a kilner jar AND halloumi. Literally what more could you want) also Cloud 9 cupcakes for delicious red velvets and Donatello's Italian in the Laines (best spinach and ricotta cannelloni ever I'm drooling just remembering it). Also for sure hit up bagelman for the best bagels on the planet with a never ending list of fillings, Snoopers Paradise for the Photo Booth which we may have visited a 2 or 3 .... or 4 times, the pier (obvs) if you fancy relaxing on some deckchairs in the sun or getting competitive over air hockey it's the place to go! I realise I've just been listing a tonne of places to visit but we really did have the best time and it's been really fun going over my photos again and re living all the yummy food and adventures. Let me know you're favourite places to visit in Brighton because I'm sure I'll be heading back in the not too distant future!!
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