Friday, 2 January 2015

What I got for christmas 2014

First things first (I'm the realest, sorry I had to) HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Years and spent some time relaxing and with your fam and friends and eating enough mince pies to last a year. I know I did. I'm aware I haven't uploaded a post in over a month but things got kind of hectic in December with college work and Christmas taking over but hopefully now 2015 has rolled around I will be able to get a more regular uploading schedule *fist pumps* Most bloggers have probably already uploaded their versions of this post and seeing as the new year is here everybody may have dismissed Christmas for another 12 months but I wanted to get this post up before I lost all festive feelings! 

One of my main presents this year was a pink polaroid camera (!!!) AND ISN'T IT JUST THE CUTEST LIL THING ?? I've wanted one of these for so long and I think the idea of them is so lovely seeing as most of my photoraphs at the moment are just stored on my phone and never printed off. My sister was kind enough to get me a Mac eyeshadow in the shade Amber Lights which is the most gorgeous shimmery bronze. I wore it on Christmas day and it's definitely a new fave in my palette. The earrings shown in the first photograph are possibly my favourite present just because of how cute and unique they are! I picked them out from HERE and sent my mum the link (I'm pretty good at dropping hints as you can see) and I was super happy to find them in my present pile on xmas morning.

I got a few skincare bits and bobs too and the deluxe version of the new (ish) one direction album (which I may already have downloaded on itunes and also bought the regular copy of, fangirl). I treated myself to a pair of Nike Roshe Runs which is sooOo weird for me because I'm not really a trainers person. I think I've mentioned this in a few posts before but after I saw so may people rocking them in a cool I'm-not-actually-going-to-the-gym-but-instead-look-effortlessly-cool-way and really wanted some for myself. Oh and also EssieButton wearing them and looking so damn stylish made me want them a little more too. Anyway enough justification on the trainers, I picked them up from Office and they're super comfy! Perhaps I'm a converted trainers lover? Sorry that I probably rambled a lot in this post but it feels v odd writing again when I haven't in so long. If any of you have written posts about your christmas presents (and already uploaded them bc you're far more organised than me) then comment a link to them below; I would love to read them! 

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