Friday, 28 August 2015

Pier posing

This is for sure one of my most worn outfits ever this summer because it is so. damn. comfy. I had another AA playsuit last year but I also wore that one to death so I felt it was perfectly justified to purchase another this year (despite the price tag, *gulps*). This is the perfect outfit for pretty much every summer occasion because it can be dressed up a lil bit with cute little block heels and a red lip or dressed down (my preferred option) with some converse and my trusty Cambridge Satchel !! I also wore my other playsuit throughout last winter too with knitted tights underneath and a mustard jumper and ankle boots which I think looks equally as lovely. I'm actually pretty excited to style this one for cooler weather too (stops self from online shopping all the winter coats). This was my favourite day spent in Brighton and I was super happy with how these outfit photo's turned out too; the pier is potentially the nicest background I've had for an ootd so far on CW !! Let me know if you're enjoying the outfit posts!


Wednesday, 26 August 2015

The cutest veg in existence - Sighh Designs

Standard Sighh phone case vs premium wrap around case. The normal case has clear side panels whereas the premium version wraps all the way around for maximum protection (and more of the beaut designs !!)

I'm like 1000000% sure that ALL of you are for sure familiar with Sighh Designs by now. Surely. If not literally where have you been because 1) I talk about this wonderful shop all the time and 2) you need to get your hands on a phone case ASAP. I've followed Polly for years on pretty much every social media site going and seeing her, quite frankly incredible achievements with her shop has been so humbling and lovely !! Recently Sighh Designs have released a range of premium phone cases which excited me greatly. I have 3 or 4 cases from Poll already but since getting an iPhone 6 a couple of months ago I had a case less phone and LET ME TELL YOU THAT NEVER ENDS WELL. Polly was kind enough to send me the Veggies case and I really don't think I have ever been so excited to open a parcel as I was with this lil beauty! I found the quality of the previous cases to be perfect for what I needed protection wise (clumsiness + expensive phone is an accident waiting to happen) and in terms of print quality but now having seen the premium cases irl it's clear there is a huge difference!! The new cases have such a smooth and shiny finish to them making the designs look even lovelier and also tempting me to buy every single one .... not a good idea .... must save for uni ..... *ahem* They are also sturdier so offer even more protection for your phone as well as just looking pretty damn snazzy! I absolutely ADORE my veggies case and think it's quite possibly the cutest thing I own (I've also had a tonne of compliments about this case so it's a win-win really). The premium cases are a bit of a bargain really at £18 considering the quality of the products but there are also the regular quality cases which come in at £14 too !! And there are so many phone case options that you're bound to find one for you. 

I would totally recommend checking out the Sighh Designs website for details of the Veggies  case or any of the designs because they all rock. Polly also has so so many other products available as well as phone cases such as desk planners (check out my post on those here) tote bags, pencil cases, art prints, notebooks, temp tattoos, stickers, desk planners THE LIST IS ENDLESS. I feel like I can't really express enough how much I adore Sighh Designs and I think it's so important to support independent shop owners so make sure to take a look over at Polly's shop and let me know if you make any sneaky purchases! After writing this post and browsing the Sighh website I actually feel an order needs to be made ........

Check out Sighh Designs HERE
Polly's twitter (deffo one of my favourite accounts out there) (you won't regret following I promise)
Polly's instagram (be warned you will have serious wardrobe/hair/face envy) 


Saturday, 22 August 2015


IM SO VERY EXCITED FOR THIS POST !!! I just spent the most wonderful three days ever in Brighton with S and now I'm in the sad stage of being home and looking over photos wishing we were still there. Brighton is possibly THE prettiest town ever and I was so sad to leave because there are a tonne of perfect backdrops and locations for outfit posts which excited me greatly. We were only there for three days but I'm so looking forward to sharing my outfits from the trip and some of the cutest most instagram worthy photographs I think I've ever taken. Can you tell I really love Brighton ?? Maybe just a lil bit. Anyway, This was my outfit from the first day which I think was definitely one of my favourites; I'm so in love with this top !! I'm completely and utterly head over heels for A line / button down skirts and when I saw this one in topshop last week I had to get it! I adore the exposed stitching and also the pockets on the front, it's deffo one of my favourite things in my wardrobe right now. This top is also from Topshop and I love the way it looks with the whole outfit. It's quite a thick crochet design so it is partly see through which I actually really love, I wore a cute black lace bralet from UO underneath.  

The rest of the outfit is pretty much my staple items: my cambridge satchel and navy converse plus my everyday jewellery. I know these photos are a little bit windswept but I really love the way they turned out (thank u scott) so I hope you enjoyed them too !!


Monday, 17 August 2015

What I got for my 18th birthday!

*insert stereotypical blogger disclaimer here* Just so you're all aware I am in no way trying to brag about the present I received for my birthday but I thought sharing them would be fun seeing as I had a good response to my post last year! I was v v lucky this year and completely spoilt by my friends/family/boyfriend for my 18th birthday and I adore literally every present I got! There were a couple of other presents that I haven't included just because I liked taking photos of the pretty things (can u tell I care about my instagram theme yes definitely) so yeah, these are a few of my favourites (resists urge to sing the sound of music).

I was really lucky to receive a number of pieces of jewellery which I was so happy about because I think it's really nice to keep special jewellery, especially from an 18th birthday! I absolutely LOVE the Astrid and Miyu rings that my mum bought for me. I chose them out myself after lusting over pretty much everything on their website for years now and they were even more beaut in real life when I unwrapped them. I love how dainty the midi ring is but my favourite is definitely my birthstone ring; I've worn them everyday since getting them! I chose the rose gold colouring which I'm also really happy about and matches perfectly with another piece of jewellery I received (......such smooth transitioning .....). I completely adore the Swarovski bracelet which Scott bought me, it's so dainty and pretty and also !! rose gold !! he's a good'un. I was also v excited about the 5 or 6 cacti I got from numerous family members (my obsession is getting out of hand) and I'm so very excited to fill my uni room with these cute lil succulents. My grandparents got me the most gorgeous navy purse from Fossil which I was so in need of, my other one was practically falling apart! I love the gold detailing on this as well and it's the perfect size to fit everything I need into it. My amazing friends got me some bits from Sephora which I was oh so happy about; the Hourglass Ambient Lighting blush is my new favourite thing. 

I'm trying not to go through and list everything I've photographed because obviously you can see from the pictures what my presents are but I thought I'd give a little mention to a few of my favourite gifts! I hope this post was actually kind of interesting to read, I know I really enjoy these sort of blog posts and YT videos so hopefully you guys do too. 


Monday, 10 August 2015

University preppin' with Dunelm #ad

Hey peeps, exciting post today !! As many of you will know I’m (as long as results day goes okay everyone pray for me please) heading off to university in September. At the moment I’m feeling 99% apprehensive and about 1% excited so …. it’s not looking great right now BUT to help give me the little nudge I need to move out of home, the lovely people from Dunelm offered me a snazzy gift card to kit out my new room. V v exciting! Their new Geek Chic range is in stores now and is a perfect collection for decorating student accommodation because of its super bright and fun colour palette; I was super excited to see the products in store!! So I’ve chosen out some bits from the range that I’ll be taking with me in September and thought I would share those items today to give any of you new uni students like me some inspo too. 

The range is super affordable which is definitely something to keep in mind when shopping for university because the amount of £££ you need initially to move in is pretty hefty so it’s good to save as many pennies as you can along the way! As well as the Geek Chic range I also picked up a couple of other university essentials which Dunelm is great for. They have literally everything you would need for bedding to towels to kitchenware to suitcases (I wasn’t joking when I said they had everything). I absolutely love the things I picked out (especially the lil orange mail rack, SO cute !!) so I hope you all enjoy this post too! 

PS. Thank you to the lovely Amy at Dunelm for organising this little collab, it’s been fun !! 

Sunday, 2 August 2015

17 things I learnt whilst being 17

1. One direction will always be your no.1. Always.
2. Birthdays don’t seem to excite you any less however old you get (here I am excitedly counting down the days until the big 1 8 … currently 6 days to go…… )
3. Procrastinating is totally okay and you’re never going to be able to stop completely but managing it is v important. spend an hour on twitter but spend two hours doing something productive.
4. You still need ‘’me’’ time
6. Nothing will stop the obsession with lush bath bombs. Absolutely nothing.
7.  I was tempted not to put this one in because I don’t want to go all cringe on you guys but S is a really important part of my life so, number 8, falling in love changes everything
8. Your smoothie maker is 100% your best purchase ever.
10. It’s important to challenge your fears as much as possible because nothing is worse than regretting all the things you missed out on !! (currently still working on this one having missed out on a number of holidays this yr because of anxiety surrounding travel, NEXT YEAR I’M JUST GOING TO GO FOR IT (oh dear god))
11. Carrying your polaroid around despite how bulky and heavy is totally worth it for all the instantly printed memories
12. Meeting internet friends is the best and all opportunities to do so should be embraced !!
13. However easy it is to do so, don’t allow your happiness to be completely reliant on someone else, independence is important (despite still being the most dependant person ever *sighs*)
14. The ‘pop songs I secretly love’ playlist on spotify is the best thing to ever happen to me
15. When everything seems like too much, take a step back, breathe and go outside. your problems seem a lot smaller when you escape your bedroom and walk for a while.
16. Frozen yogurt is needed on a regular basis and will improve your mood by 22848593%
17. Will the need for a micro pig as a pet ever cease ?? Apparently not.

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