Sunday, 2 August 2015

17 things I learnt whilst being 17

1. One direction will always be your no.1. Always.
2. Birthdays don’t seem to excite you any less however old you get (here I am excitedly counting down the days until the big 1 8 … currently 6 days to go…… )
3. Procrastinating is totally okay and you’re never going to be able to stop completely but managing it is v important. spend an hour on twitter but spend two hours doing something productive.
4. You still need ‘’me’’ time
6. Nothing will stop the obsession with lush bath bombs. Absolutely nothing.
7.  I was tempted not to put this one in because I don’t want to go all cringe on you guys but S is a really important part of my life so, number 8, falling in love changes everything
8. Your smoothie maker is 100% your best purchase ever.
10. It’s important to challenge your fears as much as possible because nothing is worse than regretting all the things you missed out on !! (currently still working on this one having missed out on a number of holidays this yr because of anxiety surrounding travel, NEXT YEAR I’M JUST GOING TO GO FOR IT (oh dear god))
11. Carrying your polaroid around despite how bulky and heavy is totally worth it for all the instantly printed memories
12. Meeting internet friends is the best and all opportunities to do so should be embraced !!
13. However easy it is to do so, don’t allow your happiness to be completely reliant on someone else, independence is important (despite still being the most dependant person ever *sighs*)
14. The ‘pop songs I secretly love’ playlist on spotify is the best thing to ever happen to me
15. When everything seems like too much, take a step back, breathe and go outside. your problems seem a lot smaller when you escape your bedroom and walk for a while.
16. Frozen yogurt is needed on a regular basis and will improve your mood by 22848593%
17. Will the need for a micro pig as a pet ever cease ?? Apparently not.

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