Friday, 28 August 2015

Pier posing

This is for sure one of my most worn outfits ever this summer because it is so. damn. comfy. I had another AA playsuit last year but I also wore that one to death so I felt it was perfectly justified to purchase another this year (despite the price tag, *gulps*). This is the perfect outfit for pretty much every summer occasion because it can be dressed up a lil bit with cute little block heels and a red lip or dressed down (my preferred option) with some converse and my trusty Cambridge Satchel !! I also wore my other playsuit throughout last winter too with knitted tights underneath and a mustard jumper and ankle boots which I think looks equally as lovely. I'm actually pretty excited to style this one for cooler weather too (stops self from online shopping all the winter coats). This was my favourite day spent in Brighton and I was super happy with how these outfit photo's turned out too; the pier is potentially the nicest background I've had for an ootd so far on CW !! Let me know if you're enjoying the outfit posts!

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