Wednesday, 26 August 2015

The cutest veg in existence - Sighh Designs

Standard Sighh phone case vs premium wrap around case. The normal case has clear side panels whereas the premium version wraps all the way around for maximum protection (and more of the beaut designs !!)

I'm like 1000000% sure that ALL of you are for sure familiar with Sighh Designs by now. Surely. If not literally where have you been because 1) I talk about this wonderful shop all the time and 2) you need to get your hands on a phone case ASAP. I've followed Polly for years on pretty much every social media site going and seeing her, quite frankly incredible achievements with her shop has been so humbling and lovely !! Recently Sighh Designs have released a range of premium phone cases which excited me greatly. I have 3 or 4 cases from Poll already but since getting an iPhone 6 a couple of months ago I had a case less phone and LET ME TELL YOU THAT NEVER ENDS WELL. Polly was kind enough to send me the Veggies case and I really don't think I have ever been so excited to open a parcel as I was with this lil beauty! I found the quality of the previous cases to be perfect for what I needed protection wise (clumsiness + expensive phone is an accident waiting to happen) and in terms of print quality but now having seen the premium cases irl it's clear there is a huge difference!! The new cases have such a smooth and shiny finish to them making the designs look even lovelier and also tempting me to buy every single one .... not a good idea .... must save for uni ..... *ahem* They are also sturdier so offer even more protection for your phone as well as just looking pretty damn snazzy! I absolutely ADORE my veggies case and think it's quite possibly the cutest thing I own (I've also had a tonne of compliments about this case so it's a win-win really). The premium cases are a bit of a bargain really at £18 considering the quality of the products but there are also the regular quality cases which come in at £14 too !! And there are so many phone case options that you're bound to find one for you. 

I would totally recommend checking out the Sighh Designs website for details of the Veggies  case or any of the designs because they all rock. Polly also has so so many other products available as well as phone cases such as desk planners (check out my post on those here) tote bags, pencil cases, art prints, notebooks, temp tattoos, stickers, desk planners THE LIST IS ENDLESS. I feel like I can't really express enough how much I adore Sighh Designs and I think it's so important to support independent shop owners so make sure to take a look over at Polly's shop and let me know if you make any sneaky purchases! After writing this post and browsing the Sighh website I actually feel an order needs to be made ........

Check out Sighh Designs HERE
Polly's twitter (deffo one of my favourite accounts out there) (you won't regret following I promise)
Polly's instagram (be warned you will have serious wardrobe/hair/face envy) 

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