Monday, 17 August 2015

What I got for my 18th birthday!

*insert stereotypical blogger disclaimer here* Just so you're all aware I am in no way trying to brag about the present I received for my birthday but I thought sharing them would be fun seeing as I had a good response to my post last year! I was v v lucky this year and completely spoilt by my friends/family/boyfriend for my 18th birthday and I adore literally every present I got! There were a couple of other presents that I haven't included just because I liked taking photos of the pretty things (can u tell I care about my instagram theme yes definitely) so yeah, these are a few of my favourites (resists urge to sing the sound of music).

I was really lucky to receive a number of pieces of jewellery which I was so happy about because I think it's really nice to keep special jewellery, especially from an 18th birthday! I absolutely LOVE the Astrid and Miyu rings that my mum bought for me. I chose them out myself after lusting over pretty much everything on their website for years now and they were even more beaut in real life when I unwrapped them. I love how dainty the midi ring is but my favourite is definitely my birthstone ring; I've worn them everyday since getting them! I chose the rose gold colouring which I'm also really happy about and matches perfectly with another piece of jewellery I received (......such smooth transitioning .....). I completely adore the Swarovski bracelet which Scott bought me, it's so dainty and pretty and also !! rose gold !! he's a good'un. I was also v excited about the 5 or 6 cacti I got from numerous family members (my obsession is getting out of hand) and I'm so very excited to fill my uni room with these cute lil succulents. My grandparents got me the most gorgeous navy purse from Fossil which I was so in need of, my other one was practically falling apart! I love the gold detailing on this as well and it's the perfect size to fit everything I need into it. My amazing friends got me some bits from Sephora which I was oh so happy about; the Hourglass Ambient Lighting blush is my new favourite thing. 

I'm trying not to go through and list everything I've photographed because obviously you can see from the pictures what my presents are but I thought I'd give a little mention to a few of my favourite gifts! I hope this post was actually kind of interesting to read, I know I really enjoy these sort of blog posts and YT videos so hopefully you guys do too. 

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