Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Brighton photo diary !!

Also I couldn't resist adding in some iPhone snaps taken on the trip too, not the best quality but definitely some of the best memories

I really hope you enjoyed having a little nosey at the photos I took in Brighton and this wasn't completely boring; I know I love photo diary style posts so I thought it might be fun to put this one together because Brighton is possibly the cutest and photo ready place. Ever. We enjoyed a tonne of amazing food whilst we were there (some of the deliciousness is documented in this post and other things I just devoured straight away) and I would 100% recommend literally everywhere we visited. Some personal faves were Hen (organic chicken restaurant, pinterest worthy interior to die for, pink lemonade in a kilner jar AND halloumi. Literally what more could you want) also Cloud 9 cupcakes for delicious red velvets and Donatello's Italian in the Laines (best spinach and ricotta cannelloni ever I'm drooling just remembering it). Also for sure hit up bagelman for the best bagels on the planet with a never ending list of fillings, Snoopers Paradise for the Photo Booth which we may have visited a 2 or 3 .... or 4 times, the pier (obvs) if you fancy relaxing on some deckchairs in the sun or getting competitive over air hockey it's the place to go! I realise I've just been listing a tonne of places to visit but we really did have the best time and it's been really fun going over my photos again and re living all the yummy food and adventures. Let me know you're favourite places to visit in Brighton because I'm sure I'll be heading back in the not too distant future!!
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