Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Pre university musings

I'M MOVING OUT IN 4 DAYS !! 4 !! DAYS !! Freaking out quite majorly over here as the packing that has so far taken place is minimal (read: non existent) and I am still a tiny bit in denial that soon I will be living with four other people who I've never met. Panic has well and truly set in. Here are some of the incessant thoughts currently filling my head:

-V scared about leaving S behind. I know this is cringey and pathetic but I am not a very independent person and having him has helped me massively, I feel like I’ll be lost without him.
-Also sad about the shower situation, I’M A BATH PERSON GOD DAMN IT. How will I survive without using lush bath bombs ?? Also how does one shave their legs in a shower; something I will never know.
-How the heck do I live without being able to cuddle my cats on a daily basis? Also a mystery to me
-I feel like my cooking skills are okay (ish) (emphasis on the ish) but the thought of looking after myself on a daily basis completely by myself is terrifying. It seems ridiculous typing this out because I am 18 years old BUT I rely so much on having my friends and family and boyfriend and I don’t want to do it alone SIGH
-I have to accept the fact I won’t be able to afford domino’s pizza. RIP my love for texas BBQ
-Moving to the north: Will I need to take an extra duvet and 5 winter coats? Will I be so cold I eventually turn into an ice cube ? Am I overestimating how cold it is in the north of England ?? Maybe.

I know this seems like the most negative thing I’ve ever written but right now I’m feeling v overwhelmed about moving out when I still feel so scared !! Any students who have experienced this and are still alive and breathing please reassure me I’ll be okay.
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