Friday, 9 October 2015

The ultimate glow

I feel like I’m still clinging on to summer a little bit with this post. I really am a lover of all things autumn and crisp mornings and crunchy leaves and all but this autumn has been mostly a mixture of anxiety and feeling a lil bit alone now I’ve moved to university. This summer was filled with so much fun which I’m now clinging too and reminiscing over on a daily basis, sad times people. With the whole *desperately wishing I could go back to Brighton/warm weather/being with Scott* vibes I’ve also really been feelin’ glowy make up. Still. In October. I haven’t done a beauty post in ages so I feel a little out of practice writing one (hence the 3 year long intro) but I am 200% loving all of these products so I hope you likey.

First up, something I have adored FOREVER and have definitely rambled about before; Mac Soft and Gentle highlighter. I love love love the pigmentation of this one and the instant glow it adds to my (non existent) cheekbones. This highlighter is pretty damn glittery so I try to just apply a little of this to add a little extra glow but it is possible to look like an actual disco ball if you’re feelin crazy and that’s what you want to go for :) :) I usually use this one over the top of my next fave for glowy make up (that transition tho) Benefit ‘Watts up’ highlighter. This product definitely reminds me of summer because it was a birthday present and I’ve worn it almost every day since receiving it! It’s a cream highlighter so I like to apply a little to my fingers and then blend to my cheekbones that way because it does have the tendency to drag your foundation otherwise. I think it’s possible with all highlighting products to go a little OTT which I can definitely relate to with this one but if you manage to perfect the right amount of product and blend it then it looks GORGEOUS. Like I said I tend to run a little of Soft and Gentle over the top of this one to get a combination of the glow from ‘Watts up’ with the glitter from Mac; my go-to highlighting combo!

I’m not a big fan of eyeshadow (mainly because I suck at it) but recently I’ve been loving the lighter pretty pink shade in my little Elizabeth Arden duo (Pink Clover). I first wore it to my One Direction concert a couple of weeks ago and since then have really been enjoying wearing it day to day. It gives a really pretty almost iridescent finish and I find it so versatile in the way it can be used; a light wash of sheen and shimmer or it can be built up so the pink is a lot more visible. It looks fab with winged liner too! Another product that reminds me of summer *cries* is my Hourglass Ambient Lighting blush in the shade Iridescent Pink. This was another birthday present from my lovely friends and it’s been a firm fave since then. I’m not usually one for blusher and was always a little scared of it but this product is so easy to work with and creates the prettiest finish. I love the way this blush looks with my Benefit highlighter and think the combination of the two is fool proof for a pretty and glowy cheek! 

As you can tell I’m really not ready to let go of glowy make up just yet despite the fact Christmas is just around the corner (excitement levels are off the scale) so I hope some of you peeps are also still clinging to summer and all things glow too. 
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