Monday, 30 November 2015

Things that made me happy this week

As many of the peeps who follow me on Twitter will know, uni so far hasn't been the easiest of 'journeys' (*coughs* why so cringe) and in fact I've spent quite a lot of time feelin a little bit down about things. I'm a bit of a sucker for samey samey things and change is a very scary thing for any anxiety sufferer so moving 3 and a half hours away from my fam, cats and boyf was never going to be the easiest. S visited me this weekend hence the delicious food that I indulged in and could never justify eating without him and the abundance of selfies and pictures of him because after 4 weeks of not seeing him it would be fair to say I was missing him a fair bit. So seeing as I was abnormally happy and content this week in the build up to see this one, I thought I would write about a few things that have made me happy.

1) Visiting Leeds again this weekend. Despite my homesickness and feeling a little (read: a lot) out of place at uni, I'm really happy that I'm so close to Leeds because after never having been a couple of months ago, it has fast become one of my favourite cities. I don't know if it's just because I've had a lot of happy memories there lately but there's something about it that just makes me so bloomin' happy. It has such a good vibe and I'm all about finding a happy place.

2) Enjoying too hot chocolates in 48 hours; it's the small things. 

3) Devouring the most delicious food EVA in the space of one weekend. As a student with not only a v limited budget but also v limited free time, eating out is not really an option (also the fact I don't have a meal/eating buddy here but let's try not to dwell on that). So with S visiting this weekend we took full advantage of treating ourselves and enjoying what seemed like the shortest but sweetness weekend. If you're ever in Huddersfield, Espresso Corner is THE place to go for food, honestly can't recommend enough. We spent far too long snoozing on Sunday morning so breakfast became brunch but that turned out pretty great anyway because how could I turn down a pesto, halloumi and sundried tomato toasted sandwich and salted caramel shortcake. The answer: I couldn't. Many people reading this who follow me elsewhere online and know about my eating disorder struggles may be surprised to see the amount of deliciousness in the images above and I can only put that down to being crazily happily this weekend and worrying about food being the last thing on my mind. It's so nice having happy distractions that make all the other irrational worries seem small and meaningless, at least for now. 

4) Going to a sofa cinema!!!! Now, as most may know by now I am a pretty big Hunger Games fan and so waiting an extra week after its release before seeing it almost killed me (pardon the insensitivity). However, it was well worth the wait because seeing it in a cinema fully decked with comfy sofas, cushions and mini tables made it all the more fun. Also perhaps TMI but it was so damn comfy in there that there was no numb bum situation that so regularly occurs in a normal cinema. Unless that's just me. Moving on.

5) SUSHI. Again another food related happiness but since visiting Leeds last week and lunching with Polly I have fallen head over heels for all things sushi. Up until last Sunday I had never tried sushi of any description and now I'm a fully fledged sushi enthusiast meaning a trip to Yo Sushi! on Saturday was 100% necessary. I tried to refrain from eating absolutely everything because I knew dinner was on the cards that evening however I can't say I was all that good and did in fact consume a lot of avocado maki. I <3 it.

6) Christmas is so close now!!! I decked my uni room out with some (more) fairy lights today and S brought an advent calendar with him because he knew I still hadn't got round to getting myself one and now I'm full on feeling the festivities. I have a tonne of deadlines before I get to go home for Chrimbo but the thought of seeing my family, being able to have bubble baths every day (YUS) and enjoying alllllllll the Christmas food goodness is getting me through.

I hope maybe reading about the things that made me happy this week made you think about the good stuff that made you smile recently, I feel brighter again just reading back over all the happiness that took place this weekend. Also pls let me know any Leeds food recommendations for future adventures. I would love that.

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