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2015 in review

I LOVE LISTS OKAY. I was torn (as seen on Twitter) between a very lengthy and very detailed year in review post and cutting it down to my top 20 best bits but I figured people probably don't care that much about my life to read it back month by month so here we are with another list on the blog. MUCH EXCITE. 2015 was a year that brought a lot of changes, a many of which were exciting and many of which still terrify me but I guess that's what comes from being a creature of habit and painfully stuck in routine. I promise this post is actually going to be really positive and happy because a lot of positive and happy things have happened in the big 2-0-1-5 so here goes, with lots of pictures as promised. 2015:

1) I finished my A levels and got grades I really had only dreamt of!! A levels were a real struggle for me because of ongoing mental health issues and the constant perfectionist battle so I'm so pleased to be including this in this post because at times it seemed like I'd need a miracle to get me through. I finished sixth form with A*, A, B and it makes me actually well up a lil writing that down because I'm so DAMN PROUD OF ME which is not something I feel very often. Educational success is always something I have valued a lot and so although grades really are just grades, they signify a lot more than that for me (cringe??).

2) I also met Scott this year which cringe as it may be was definitely number one of my 2015. I'm not embarrassed to admit this was my first relationship but it felt like the most natural thing in the world being with him so I guess that's the best sign possible ?? We've had a tonne of adventures and days spent wasted (although totally not wasted and actually some of the best) in bed watching films and eating toast, afternoons baking, walks on the beach and eating ALL the good food and nearly all my good memories are filled with him. I know there's a very slim chance he'll be reading this despite the fact he stalks my social media daily :) but I hope a lot of my 2016 good memories also include the two of us.

3) I finally got round to the whole binge watching TV shows thing I've been missing out on ?? I've always been more of a films kinda gal but 2015 was the year I became completely and utterly obsessed by Gossip Girl. Like on another level. I spent my summer in between finishing exams and getting my results watching episode after episode and actually don't regret a thing because sometimes having days in bed whilst you've finished your exam responsibilities is exactly what's needed. I also developed a true love for Ed Westwick which I obvs could not regret in the slightest. I've now moved onto The Walking Dead which I started this week and am already onto season 3. Still regret nothing.

4) I visited Brighton again which was the happiest time EVER. It truly is my favourite place in the entire world so taking along my favourite person and playing tour guide for 3 days was for sure the highlight of my year. We visited all the cute food destinations (bagelman included), made an obligatory Photo Booth stop off, paddled in the sea, ate red velvet cupcakes and Instagrammed the shizz out of it all (mainly just me doing that). S and I are planning another trip next Easter and I already cannot wait to be back in the place that I feel happiest. 

5) 2015 WAS THE YEAR OF MEETING INTERNET FRIENDS. Hayley is someone I've known through Twitter and Instagram for what must be about 3 years now and we've been friends for the best part of that time and I really really don't know where I would be without her. She has helped me through SO much and meeting her 3 times this year has been THE best thing ever because actually being able to chat face to face non stop over hummus and halloumi burgers was the loveliest experience ever. Also since moving to more Northern parts of the UK I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Polly who is potentially one of the most wonderful humans in my life ever ?? We've met twice this year both of which were equally as fun and she also introduced me to the wonderful world of sushi which I may be forever in her debt for. Again chatting with someone you really get along with over yummy foods and drinks for hours is the nicest thing ever and makes me really value these wonderful peeps in my life because these have been some of the loveliest memories of this year. Also this post couldn't go without the mention of being invited to Charlotte's house for Bake Off and pasta bake because again that was the nicest way to start a not so nice time at uni.

6) Speaking of uni, it would be wrong to write a year in review post without mentioning the whole sorry affair because it has genuinely had a couple of perks (I'm sure it will be a surprise to you all). Despite my not so secret dislike of the experience so far, uni has created a sense of independence (real life and mental) that has been so good for me!! I am 100% the sort of person that relies on friends and family for support and love and general life things on a daily basis so the thought of moving so far away was really quite terrifying but it has really really helped me. I do things for myself now that would have scared me a lot before like organising food and budgeting and y'know what ?? I actually survive!! I do meal plans!! I clean the kitchen daily!! It's no secret that university has not been the best time for me but I think learning that I can be independent has been the best lesson of the year. 

7) I realised (although I deffo already knew) that I have the best friends ever ?? I have had SO many fun adventures with friends this year that it makes my heart happy just thinking about them so I'll talk about just a couple of my faves. A birthday beach trip with some of my secondary school friends featuring a picnic, sea paddling, getting a little lost on the way and the best photos from my selfie stick (don't ask) ever. Also a London visit with my one of my favourites (hey reb) in which we found the best frozen yoghurt destination just off Carnaby Street that I need to return to ASAP. Numerous nights at the sailing club chalet which is always overrun by my college pals on evenings when no one else is around filled with laughter, fireworks, sleepovers and 3am pizza orders. THE BEST TIMES. 

8) I saw One Direction again for the last time in a while which is both happy and sad for moi. It's really no secret that I adore them and had the best time ever seeing them in London earlier this autumn despite the many cancelled and delayed trains that got in my way. My love for Louis Tomlinson is still real.

9) My college summer ball was possibly one of the happiest evenings of my whole year. After months (if not the entire two years) of A level stress, tears and constant exam anxiety being able to celebrate finishing exams with our (small but fab) sixth form was the loveliest thing in the world. There's not many occasions when I feel happy with how I look but being with S and my best pals all dressed up was a time when I didn't worry at all about anything other than having fun and that is so rare for me. I regret not taking enough pictures that even of us all lookin' fancy but at the same time I know I was enjoying myself far too much to think about that and sometimes I think living in the moment without snapchatting it is far more important.

10) I fell in love with social media all over again?? Even more than before?? I have really enjoyed Twitter as an online *safe place* this year and have gained so much reassurance and confidence from interacting with some of the best people there. I know it sounds silly to include this as a highlight of my year but without the great interwebs I would never have met Hayley and Polly (who have taken up a whole paragraph of their own so really must be great) and also seeing successes of other online friends makes me beyond happy. I love how familiar and comforting it is to be updated with people's lives on the internet and seeing my friends be successful and share their happy moments makes me so happy too. I hope people never stop tweeting because I gain so much happiness from happiness in others lives.

I feel like this last point about the internet rounds this post off nicely because it was the truly wonderful Olly (@ollypenderghast) that inspired this post after reading his own fab review of 2015 which you should definitely also take a look at (his life is far more exciting). This will be my last post of the year and so although my blog has had to take a back seat for many reasons in 2015, I'm really proud of what I have posted and hope those who have read it have enjoyed!! Happy New Year to you all!!! 

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