Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Christmas gift wrapping!

Christmas AKA the best time of year EVER. It's no secret that I am a bit of a Christmas obsessive and since coming home from university last week I have been going all out festive which means mince pie baking, Christmas song listening and duh, ALLLL the present wrapping. This year I went for the classic brown parcel paper and twine combo which I really love!! I think it's such a simple but pretty way of wrapping presents and I love how traditionally festive it looks. I picked up my supplies from WHSmith and whilst I was browsing the many Christmas goodies I came across these little felt holly leaves with red bells which I just had to have. Again I think they just make a gift look really special and are such a simple way to decorate your wrapping. 

Also just wanted to explain why Charlotte's Web has been so lacking with content at the mo and really there's not much to tell which makes me feel even more rubbish about the sporadic uploads. My first term at university was pretty full on which combined with the stresses of moving away from home really wasn't easy and so blogging was sort of the last thing on my mind as I was drowning in assignments and stresses about living so far away. I have also just been feelin a little uninspired with the content I'm producing and don't really know which direction to take my blog in but I'm hoping with 2016 looming I'll be able to commit to more regular uploads and focus on the style I really want CW to be about. ANYWAYS that is enough rambling for today (v out of practice with this blogging malarky), I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and stay tuned for my annual gift post (hopefully) coming soon!! Merry Christmas!
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