Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Goals for 2016

I know compared to other people I'm quite late on the bandwagon with this one so perhaps that should be one of my goals instead. To upload at a reasonable time for the topic in question. I hope this post doesn't seem a little redundant now that we're almost a week into the New Year but really it's taken me this long to set in stone what I want to achieve this year and realise the changes I want to make. January always seems to creep up on me whilst I'm obliviously stuck in Christmas mode (although for me that begins mid September so I should be prepared by now) and somehow I never make any resolutions in time for them to come into fruition by the 1st of Jan. This year however, despite being 6 days late, I AM DETERMINED. I wrote a post last year about the things I wanted to achieve in the near future and I have a wonderful (read: terrible) habit of pushing the things that are difficult to the back of my mind instead of tackling them. I'm also thinking perhaps tackling problems should now have been one of my resolutions. Never mind. 

1) Learn to drive. This has been on my mind for about 6 months now and is something I really want to achieve this year. Almost all of my friends have mastered the talent and now get themselves around from place to place without the need for a parent taxi service and I SO wanna be able to do the same. I'm of a very anxious disposition anyway so the thought of driving makes me want to cry/vomit/curl up into a ball for the foreseeable future however 2016 is the year I'm going to make it happen!!!!! 

2) Drink more water. Okay I know this is probably one of most people's resolutions every single year but it's something I really need to start doing. A bit of a mundane resolution but an important one nonetheless.

3) Be more spontaneous! I am a lover of comfort zones and all things that come with them and realistically can only think of a few examples of when I have (willingly) pushed myself out of what feels familiar and safe. 2016 is *fingers crossed* going to be the year that changes! I have some saved birthday and Christmas money from the past couple of years because despite many things getting the way of me having a job whilst studying, I am quite determined to attend a festival in 2016. I don't know if this is just ASKING for a panic attack and anxiety induced few days but every year I see my friends having the time of their lives and this year is the time I'm going to push myself to go! S and I are thinking of going to Latitude festival and even if I hate it, at least I will have tried and will know that festival season is just not for me. 

4) Go abroad! I'm still, at the age of 18, petrified of flying with even the thought of getting on a plane making me a little queasy. Again this is a resolution linked to the intense regret I get from seeing all my pals jetting off to different destinations each year and having the best time ever and I really REALLY want to do the same. This is a pretty big challenge for me but I'm only 18 once and if I can't travel somewhere now with my boyfriend then when am I ever going to do it ?? In short, I'm going to attempt to seize the moment a little more. 

5) Create a solid skincare routine and stick to it. Don't get me wrong, I'm a lover of ALLL things skincare and really enjoy shopping for new face masks and cleansers but I've always been a little sporadic with how I use them. This year I want to establish a routine with my holy grail products that I stick to every day and find one that works best for me! My skin has been going a little crazy recently (potentially to do with the ridiculous amount of food I have consumed over the festive period) and so I'm hoping some stability with the products I use will help!

I have every intention of reviewing this post in a couple of months time and hopefully will have made a start with a lot of these (I'm looking at you resolution number 1) so feel free to tweet me in a few weeks and give me the motivation I need to tackle these resolutions. Also please comment and let me know your 2016 goals or link me to a blog post in which you've done a similar thing, I would love to have a read! 
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