Monday, 4 January 2016

What I got for Christmas 2015

Hey peeps, I hope you all had a wonderful New Year!! This is my first (of hopefully many) posts in 2016 which excites me greatly because despite not feeling my usual refreshed and ready-to-go self this January, I'm hoping that my blog is one aspect of my schedule that I can fully commit to making work. I know I might be a lil bit late with this one but I'm still enjoying seeing peoples presents so I hoped that in fact others might also be slightly interested in what I got for Christmas this year!! I was completely spoilt by my family/friends/boyf and so although this post doesn't include all my gifts, these are my faves! I did send my mum (as requested) a list of things on my wish list including links and all so a lot of these presents were chosen by moi and were things I'd been lusting over for a while. Goodies such as the Charlotte Tilbury Magic foundation have been long on the lust list and so I was v happy with this as well as the everyday cleanser from First Aid Beauty which I so far LOVE. Sometimes it's nice to have an idea of the presents you're getting because then the excitement to open them on Chrimbo day is even greater.

Of course I had some surprises too like the Astrid and Miyu infinity ring which my mum chose perfectly! I have a couple of other pieces from them which I wear religiously and adding this midi ring to my collection was something I was v excited about. It's super dainty and pretty and I've worn it non stop since opening it; I'd highly recommend checking out their jewellery pieces if you haven't already. The print featured in the first photo (from NotOnTheHighStreet) is another present I was super happy with and will definitely be taking it back to university with me to inspire and motivate me day to day. The DVDs featured were from different family members and my excitement to see Inside Out is OFF THE SCALE. I wanted to see it so badly when it was in the cinema but somehow never got round to it so I'm v happy to be able to watch it tucked up in bed now with all the snacks I want and no cinema prices. 

Perhaps my favourite present of all is my Kanken backpack which is coincidentally from my favourite person who seems to just get presents so right ?? Scott knew how long I'd been searching for this particular colour which let me tell you is sold out absolutely everywhere so how he managed to find me one I will never know. The addition of the New York pin from his travels last year makes it even more special and I think will be the start of an enamel pin collection for this adorable bag. Other presents to note would be the shoes of my DREAMS (pom pom lace ups is all I have to say, check my insta), Topshop vouchers galore and ALLLL the copper goodies because my family know me so well. I hope this post didn't come across in a bragging way, I love seeing others presents so figured you guys might be interested too.

I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and New Year! 

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