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Personal style and a Farfetch wishlist

Despite the flurries of hail and snow over the past week, I feel like we’re ~finally~ entering into spring and I’m having all the excited feelings at the thought of smock dresses, Birkenstocks and leaving the house without a jacket. A recent email in my inbox from Farfetch inspired me to think about personal style and how daunting it can sometimes be entering a new season and having “I have nothing to wear!” thoughts approximately 6 times a day. Yep, we’ve all been there. I have a Spring/Summer shopping list that is ever expanding so I thought I would share my thoughts on personal style, fashion confidence and a couple of the things I’m lusting over big time!

Since starting my Fashion Communication and Promotion course back in September, style and trend have been on my mind 24/7 (dedicated student or just down right obsessed?). It’s easy to group the two together but I’ve come to learn that although they overlap occasionally with what’s ‘in’ right now, trend is far less personal and style is completely unique! Many might regard style as an innate means of putting together outfits effortlessly time and time again but from my experience, developing and curating your personal style is something that comes with time and a lot of experimentation! Feeling comfortable and confident in an outfit is of course the ultimate goal when dressing but it can take years to master the art of knowing what suits you, what makes you feel good and ultimately create a style that is unique and personal to you! In my two Brighton OOTD’s (read HERE and HERE) posted during April I really tried to push myself style-wise and was definitely out of my comfort zone with a couple of pieces I wore. Whilst style is about feeling comfortable and confident, pushing the boundaries outside of your ‘safe’ clothes is not only fun but so helpful in terms of curating your perfect wardrobe because fashion is SO much more fun when you can experiment. One of the reasons I’m an all-round fashion obsessive is the freedom you have to create an entirely new look, personality and vibe every time you open your wardrobe in the mornings and from the moment you step out of the door to the second you collapse back into the house. Whilst some may consider style to be a consistent vibe your wardrobe communicates, it’s also a means to re-invent yourself time and time again. To me, that is what personal style should be.

When Farfetch emailed me, they included a blogger’s content pack with inspiring post ideas and interviews from some seriously fab-u-lous ladies. I took inspo from an interview on personal style with Sara Azani (from ultimate fashion blog, Style MBA) and decided to answer some of the same questions to share my thoughts on my style as well as encourage others to think about them too! It can be really helpful if you’re stuck in a style rut to question your own fashion choices, inspirations and what clothes mean to you to start getting excited about style again.

How would you describe your style?
I think my style is very much based on channelling whatever I’m loving at that particular time so is quite changeable! I love 60s and 70s styles but also am really into younger dressing like smock dresses and dungarees. I’m a lover of all things stripes, pastels and girly dresses with an all-encompassing obsession for denim skirts.

Who do you look to for style inspiration?
Bloggers are FO’ SURE the first place I will look to for style inspiration. Not only are they ‘real’ people showing clothes in movement, outdoors in different locations and with other pieces but the way you can really feel their personality is something I adore. I would never just browse through ASOS or Topshop if I was needing style inspo because, although I have a lot of love for those brands, the way garments are shown can often be a little lifeless and non personal. My favourite bloggers that inspire my style choices daily because of their amaze personalities (as well as wardrobes) include Liv Purvis (WhatOliviaDid), Carrie Harwood (WishWishWish), Megan Ellaby (PagesByMegan), Kristabel Plummer (IWantYouToKnow) and Sammi Maria (BeautyCrush). These gals are my ULTIMATE style inspo, as well (of course) the babe Alexa Chung!

Where do you love to shop?
My student budget means I’m pretty limited in terms of shopping at the mo (*cries*) but I’ve always been a high street lover! Topshop, ASOS, Zara, UO and occasionally H&M are my go-to places and the blogs I read are definitely a help when it comes to styling a non-designer wardrobe! Keep reading because I have a Farfetch wishlist FULL of the goodies I would love to get my hands on if I were to win the lottery (I can dream). I’m a big fan of brands like Orla Kiely, Stella McCartney, Molly Goddard, Christopher Kane and Charlotte Olympia so maybe one day I can add those to the list of places I love to stop. Crossing my fingers!

Charlotte Olympia flats,  Alexander Wang denim jacket, RayBan glasses, Stella McCartney jeans,  Anya Hindmarch bag

As promised here is my ultimate shopping list and pics of items I’m head over heels for at the moment. A pair of Charlotte Olympia Kitty flats has been on my shopping list for years now and I feel if I ever got my hands on a pair they would never leave my feet! As we enter (almost) into the warmer weather I feel like a pair of RayBan’s are an essential accessory staple and let’s face it, who wouldn’t be obsessed with the rose gold and purple look lenses? L O V E. In terms of clothes I’m loving these Stella McCartney polka dot skinnies; the perfect twist on a classic piece and super cute for days in the city! The Dolce and Gabbana Daisy skirt is another piece I’m head over heels for, it screams British summertime and can you imagine how cute it would be paired with the kitty flats? Other loves include a black denim jacket, a classic piece and perfect for chillier evenings as well as the ultimate Anya Hindmarch bag which I already know I would obsessively need to incorporate into every outfit ever!

I hope this (slightly longer) post has prompted you to think about personal style and helped if you’re stuck in a fashion rut at the mo! Sometimes it’s nice to challenge our normal thinking when it comes to fashion and reach for things outside of our comfort zone. Fashion is after all one of the most experimental and creative means of expression so why not completely challenge the norm of your dressing code! I’d love to hear your thoughts on this post or if it’s inspired you to make a wardrobe shake up!

*This post is part of Farfetch’s Blogger Content Pack inspired competition however is not sponsored! All thoughts on style, love for Charlotte Olympia shoes and my blogging inspirations are my own*
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