Friday, 20 May 2016


When it comes to interiors I am utterly OB-SESSED with finding the cutest additions to my room to make for the most personal, comfortable and 'me' space possible. After not having the best time at university during first year and having all the loneliness feels, I've been a teeny bit determined to make second year the best experience possible and one thing that's super important to me is the space I'll be living. I'm moving into a house share in September and by some strange turn of events I've gone from having a tiny attic room to the biggest and brightest bedroom in the house? An odd transformation but one I'm pleased about nonetheless! To help make my space as homely, comfortable and productive as possible I've been planning and Pinterest pinning galore to help spark inspo for the ultimate home away from actual home bedroom. When the gorgeous girl boss that is Becky from DaintyDaisyDesigns contacted me about sending over some goodies from her shop I was thrilled about having some down right beaut other additions to add to my room in September!

DaintyDaisy is an online store run solely by Becky (all the props to this gal) and includes such a range of adorable, well made and designed products that I wish I could own all of *adds to imaginary shopping basket*. Art prints are some of my favourite products, especially for making a bedroom feel more personal and homely and so I've taken to browsing Etsy and Pinterest non stop lately searching for the ultimate inspo. Buying from Paperchase and Urban Outfitters home department will always deliver in terms of aesthetic but supporting smaller, independent businesses is so (!!) important and in a lot of cases far more satisfying when you have a room filled with goodies not as many others have! As well as the gorge art prints I can't seem to shut up about (sorry 'bout it), DaintyDaisy also stocks pocket mirrors (shown above in allllll their cuteness), notebooks, desk planners and stickers too! Let me know if you purchase anything from Becky's store; I'd love to know what your fave items are! I'm all heart eyes for the desk planner ....... watch this space .........

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