Monday, 25 July 2016

Ruffle Lovin', The Wishlist

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Having acquired a job this summer whilst being home from university and having more than £10 to my name for the first time in a long while, has somehow resulted in a terrible habit of being a little fashion spendy. I would actually like to give myself a pat on the back because on the whole I've been v good and reserved when it comes to spending and even set up a separate online banking account for saving (#dedication) but y'know, a girl has needs, and clothes are my main requirement. Recently I've been head over heels for all things ruffles and the last 5 additions to my wardrobe have included a ruffle of some nature; when I find a style I like, I REALLY like it. To the point of obsession. I thought I'd put together a little wishlist of some of the ruffled garments I've been lusting over lately and maybe inspire anyone else completely loving this trend.

The first sleeveless, exaggerated ruffle number is a piece I actually already own from Topshop in pink and grey but seeing the baby blue version has got me needing this nautical looking edition in my wardrobe. There's something about blue stripes that just get me every. time. Number 2 is my definition of the perfect summer top; polka dot, navy, strappy and RUFFLES. I think this would look gorgeous with denim cut offs and white sliders; as most of you know I'm heading to Amsterdam next month and I think this would be perfect for exploring the city! Number 3 perhaps doesn't count as a wishlist piece because I may have put in a little ASOS order for it last week. Ahem. I wanted to still include it in this post though because it really is #rufflegoals (just made that a thing) and so any other frill obsessives could have a look because it's in the sale! Number 4 = metallic, silver, crop top GOALS. I can just imagine how good this top would look with some kick flairs, converse and a choker for the ultimate sassy summer look or with kitten heels and a red lip in the evening. Funnily enough it's currently in the sale in Topshop so go grab one whilst you can! Numero 5 is a piece I saw in Liv's latest video and naturally, everything that she buys I absolutely adore and so instantly added this to my mental wishlist. It's from M&S which isn't usually somewhere I browse (other than when Archive by Alexa is concerned) but it's got me itching to go and having a look round my local store. I'll report back on any hidden gems I find.

Let me know if you're also loving the ruffle trend that's huge right now or any other styles you're head over heels for at the moment!

Monday, 18 July 2016


I recently made a littlleee Look Fantastic order in the hopes of (once again trying to) achieve perfect skin for summer. My skin has been on a bit of a rocky road for the past few weeks as I can off some medication that had initially cleared up my skin but in the end was making it worse. I can't win .The combination of changing the pill and having generally temperamental skin meant my face has been looking far from peachy recently which has been getting me down more than normal. I've established a consistent skincare routine this year which has definitely helped manage my breakouts slightly but they are still yet to remove themselves completely from my face. Le Sigh. ANYWAY, one Look Fantastic order later and two new products landed on my doorstep which I've been using and testing for the past couple of weeks and thought I would share today for anyone who also battles with skincare woes or is just looking for the perf summer glow!

Pixi Glow Tonic Exfoliating Toner

I've heard so much about the Pixi Glow Tonic Exfoliating Toner in recent years via other blogs or YT but being £18, I wasn't quite prepared to splurge on it when so many people dismiss toners as not having much positive impact on the skin. It was only when it was mentioned countless times on FromRoses, a blog I just adore, that I knew it was worthy of the hype and a few minutes later it was added to my online shopping bag. I have been absolutely ADORING using this toner after my Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel to give me the ~ultimate glow~ which is not only perfect for the summer season but also something I look for in general for my skincare to help my blemish prone skin look a little more radiant. I haven't been using the Pixi toner in the AM and PM because I've seen comments that an exfoliating toner might be too much on the skin twice a day so have been switching this up with other products but this is definitely my preferred choice. I can 100% notice a difference in my skin when using this toner compared to others in terms of glow and an overall brighter and clearer complexion. I think the range of ah-mazing ingredients in this toner really are to thank for my brighter skin; the glycolic acid helps to rid my skin of dead skin cells which paired with the aloe vera ensures that there is still plenty of hydration goin' on. Seriously one to try if you also have acne prone skin!

La Roche Posay Anthelios AC 30

The ingredients in the Pixi toner come with a warning that SPF must be worn whilst using the product as it can increase your skins sensitivity to sun exposure, which quickly meant the La Roche Posay Anthelios AC 30 was also added to my LookFantastic basket. I've been on the hunt for a lightweight SPF for a while now after I prematurely started worrying about signs of ageing on my skin at the ripe old age of 18. Anyway, I read a couple of reviews and blog posts and felt confident buying from La Roche Posay after using a number of their products in the past and praying this time I could avoid all signs of the classic greasy SPF I'm oh so familiar with. I've been using this product daily for a couple of weeks now and so far I'm really enjoying it! It instantly dries down to a matte finish on the skin meaning it's perfect under make up and also for my oily skin! Some reviews mentioned that it can leave a slight white cast on the skin however I've not found this to be the case (perhaps because I'm already casper-the-ghost pale) so I wouldn't let that put you off if you have heard similar comments! I do notice that by the end of the day my make up has slid around a little when wearing this underneath but nowhere near to the extent of oiliness that would be happening with a regular sunscreen. The Anthelios SPF is reasonably priced at £10.70 on LookFantastic which I was happy to pay for a product that has now become so important in my skincare routine and truly vital in the summer months!

Let me know what are your must-have summer skincare products; I would love to know! Also if you have tried either of these bits, let me know your thoughts!


Wednesday, 13 July 2016


As soon as Betty magazine landed on my doorstep last week and I frantically pulled it from its large paper envelope to reveal, possibly the prettiest cover of all time, I knew I needed to write a post about it. I have been a follower of the Betty mag Instagram for YEARS now and after lusting over their photos of all things floral and the best travel recommendations of all time, I knew it was love when the theme for the Summer 16 magazine was announced as 'Bloom'. I'm a sucker for peonies, shots of Columbia Road flower market and I can't get enough cacti and succulents in my life so I was so very excited about the launch of this issue. Despite having followed the magazine insta for years, this was actually the first copy of the mag I had bought ?? I know, madness! Until now I had been more than satisfied with the endless interior goals, delicious food and travel recommendations on their website/twitter/instagram but since having a copy of the magazine to flick through at my leisure, it has opened a whole new world of inspiration. I've always been more of a blog reader than magazine buyer but on the occasions when I do purchase hard copy publications, it's always Elle/Vogue/InStyle; you know the drill. However the satisfaction I have got from knowing I'm supporting an independent brand and the two lovely ladies behind it (who are also both called Charlotte FYI) has opened up a whole new world, in which the content, photography and style are just as slick and accomplished as the biggest of magazines out there. 

As most of you readers here will probably know, I'm currently a Fashion Communication and Promotion student with a huge passion for my writing modules at uni and sharing my work on my blog. It's SO inspiring seeing magazines like Betty be so successful and also pushes me to work even harder to hopefully be able to one day work for a magazine like it that has such intelligent, inspirational and well constructed content and photography! Each page of the magazine, whether it's the content of articles, the photography, colour palette or even the fonts of titles is beautiful and really left me in awe of the magazines so obvious signature look and style, all of which I just adore. If you couldn't tell from this absolutely gushing commentary, I'm basically head over heels for this mag and have thoroughly enjoyed every part of it I have read so far. My favourite, stand out articles include 'The Perks of Being a Shrinking Violet' which I resonate with so much when it comes to shyness and anxieties and also the recipe section nearer the back of the magazine to celebrate the 5th bday of Betty magazine; any regular will know I'm a sucker for baking. 

I have been left feeling so inspired and positive after reading the whole heartedly intelligent, informative, considered and happy words of Betty mag and will continue to be a huge lover of their social media accounts and ethos in general. I really hope you enjoyed this slightly different post, I've been so eager to share my thoughts on the magazine and the importance of shopping independent. Sometimes the most satisfaction is gained from hidden gems. You can check out the Betty Magazine website HERE or buy the mag itself from THIS link! As some of you will also know I'm heading to Amsterdam next month and my excitement levels have increased x10 after being armed with the most informative list of the city's recommendations from their site. Seriously check them out if you're travelling this summer! I have also linked their insta and twitter below if, like me, you can't get enough of their content! I hope to one day be able to contribute or work for a magazine so positive and aesthetically 'me'. Do I get an extra point on a job application to Betty because my name is also Charlotte? Here's hoping. 


Monday, 4 July 2016


Whenever I find myself lacking in outfit inspo or need a bit of a 'girl boss' motivation, I head over to the Instagram 'liked posts' feature and have a scroll through the photos I've been liking lately. Now these range from perfect flat lays to outfits I wish I owned in my wardrobe to other fun things like piglets and keeping up with my friends travelling adventures. I often turn to Pinterest for outfit inspiration but recently even that hasn't been helping me out of my style rut in which I hate my entire wardrobe and feel like I need to 're-invent' myself. Does anyone else have those feelings? Please say you do! Anyway, these are a few of the outfits from inspiring ladies that I have been LOVING recently and wish I could add into my own wardrobe; pretty please ?? First up, Megan Ellaby AKA my total girl crush for all things style and hair. In fact I have a hairdressers appointment booked next month and a whole selection of her insta pics to try and re-create her ah-mazing textured look. ANYWAY, her style is always one I look to when I'm stuck for outfit ideas because not only is she super daring in her fun, bold and statement looks but she pulls them off SO effortlessly. My ultimate inspo right now! 

As well as my total envy at the amount of amazing places Carrie has been visiting lately, I'm head over heels obsessed with her travel style too! I've been following wishwishwish for years now and am 100% in awe of how well Carrie pulls off every single look, in particular this shot of her in NYC a couple of weeks ago has me absolutely needing a statement tee in my wardrobe. I love the idea of statement and slogan tees relating to the places you're visiting for a really fun 'edgy tourist' (yes I just made that up) look. I couldn't miss out the one and only Alexa Chung when talking about current style inspirations, despite the fact she is my ultimate, every day of the year inspiration. I adored this pic she posted before heading to Glastonbury fest last week and totally wish I could rock those trousers and pink cardie combo so perfectly effortlessly. And finally a quick mention to Kristabel from the blog IWantYouToKnow which I am full on obsessing over recently. I love her vlogs, love her Snapchat, love her outfits and LOVE her personality. She is such a bubbly, positive and intelligent lady that really inspires me in fashion as she also studied it at uni! I adore this photo of her rocking so patterned trousers and silver trainers; I've got my eyes peeled for some patterned additions to my wardrobe and her instagram is persuading me I need some bold prints in my life even more. 

So that's what has been inspiring me lately! I really enjoyed writing this post and having a scroll through the outfits I've been loving at the mo, I might make this a regular kinda post because I definitely follow enough bloggers and inspirational, stylish ladies to do so! Let me know if you enjoyed it!
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