Monday, 29 August 2016

Florals on Florals


When we booked our trip to Amsterdam I went through many stages of excitement for many different things. When we booked our tickets to visit the Anne Frank house I felt particularly excited to be able to experience something so moving and be in a space where so many pivotal things happened in such a devastating part of our history. As well as the more historic places we planned to visit, our trip seemed to accidentally take a very plant based theme, and we ended up visiting the floating flower market, a shop called Wilderis filled to the brim with plants, pots and cacti and also a walk around the botanical gardens. We shot these images in and amongst the gardens and it was such a special afternoon! I feel like such an old lady rambling on about plants but there's something so calming about greenery and being surrounded by nature, especially after the bustle of being in the city. It feels like only now I'm home I can really appreciate how special Amsterdam is; although I tried to take in how magical it was whilst I was there, sometimes the perspective of being back home and feeling the wanderlust of wanting another trip really makes you realise how much you enjoyed a place.

These photos were shot with my new 50mm lens so please bear with me that they're not all perfect! We started to get to grips with it a little more towards the end of our trip so the outfit posts I'll be sharing over the coming weeks get a little better each time in terms of quality and how pleased I am with them! This was one of my favourite outfits of the week; although the denim of the dress is fairly heavy, I felt so light and cool wandering around in the summer heat! I layered a little black tee underneath, purely because I'm not too comfortable with my shoulders but I think it made for a really cute look that worked well with the black embroidery. I'm head over heels for all things embroidery at the mo. Perhaps a wish list could be coming soon? I had some little floral espadrille sandals I desperately wanted to team with this dress to really go all out flower power but I stuck with my converse for this day because of the hours of walking and thousands of steps we were doing! I love city breaks for this very reason, I feel so fulfilled and pleased with all the sights we saw on this trip that I'm thinking of doing a city guide or maybe just sharing some recommendations! Let me know if you would be interested in that! 

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