Thursday, 15 September 2016

An afternoon in Vondel Park


Y'know those outfits that at first are kind of out of your comfort zone but soon become one of your favourites? This is totally how I feel about the denim shorts in question and as a result I'm SO pleased with how the images came out! We shot these photographs in the warmth of the early evening sun in Vondel Park after wandering around Amsterdam for another day and feeling deflated that the next day would be our last. Amsterdam seems to have the perfect balance of hustle and bustle in its centre yet only a few minutes walk along a canal or two you can end up in an idyllic street surrounded by its crooked houses and architecture and locals sat outside enjoying the summer sun. Can you tell I'm head over heels for the city? We ended up in Vondel Park on the hottest day of our trip and it only made me wish we could have stayed longer and planned a picnic amongst the trees and other tourists and locals relaxing with drinks, snacks and friends. Located just a few minutes walk from the Van Gogh museum which we sadly didn't get a chance to look around, the park is a welcome sense of calm amongst the busy streets just outside it. I was lucky that I (unintentionally) seemed to plan my outfits directly around the weather on our week away and so hurriedly throwing on this simple shorts and tee combo was such a blessing on this day of non stop sunshine in the city. 

As I mentioned before, I initially wasn't sure how I felt about these shorts and after having bought them back in May and only having worn them once, I was determined to have a 'YOLO' moment on holiday and get my legs out; it is/was summer after all! I don't know what it is that seems so safe about skirts to me yet so daunting about shorts but nevertheless, I did it, and felt great! I'm so glad I opted for these Topshop shorts with the colourful embroidered phrases and words covering them, they're such a welcome fun twist on a classic denim short and add a playful aspect to an otherwise simple look. This might also be the first time I've shared a proper shot of my Kanken backpack on my blog which is MADNESS because I wear it so so often! It's perfect, especially when travelling, for chucking in all my essentials (read: rubbish I seem to think is essential day to day) and still looking cute AF. I've added a few enamel pins which I just adore the look of! If you have any cute pin suggestions, send all the links my way; I would love to expand my collection! Looking back at these photos is really making me want another trip ASAP. Any travel companies wanna sponsor me to be a travel blogger? PLs. Lemme know. 

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