Friday, 24 March 2017

Spring ASOS Wishlist

White Slingbacks, Star Bikini, Purple Gingham Dress, Gingham Jumpsuit, Mint Mini-bag, Mesh Top.

I'm writing this whilst sat in my uni library (my actual second home) after another day of non stop working and as a result my brain is a little bit frazzled. I've been wanting to share this wishlist for SO LONG that I decided, frazzled brain or not, today would be the day. Apologies in advance for any non sensical rambling. 

As I'm discovering more and more as the years go by, I'm a tiny bit of a shopaholic, and preventing these tendencies from getting out of control as the poor student that I am is always worryingly difficult. So instead of spending money on the clothes I want but really don't need, I've compiled a wishlist of my FAVE things so others can buy them and I can live vicariously through them. I told you I was feeling delirious! This wishlist was first intended to be a general Spring edition, but it seems to be completely ASOS focused (but hey, who's complaining? Their points scheme is scarily motivating) so I hope you're all online shopping lovers too! My saved basket is a weird mix at the moment, particularly in reference to the AMAZING star print bikini above which I just absolutely need despite having no holiday plans this year. Gingham is another key player for me this season, and although it's being worn by anyone and everyone I still can't get enough of how versatile it is! I'm particularly keen to get my hands on the purple cold shoulder dress with ruffle detailing because it's an embodiment of all my fave things in one. Moving onto shoes, after seeing so many stylish ladies on my Instagram feed rocking loafers and sling backs lately, the above white ones have been on my mind ever since. I'm really trying to move away from buying leather and so I feel like these would be the perfect addition to my Spring wardrobe! I definitely cut this wishlist short from the embarrassing length of my actual ASOS saved basket but I hope this has provided you with some spring/summer ideas or even just inspired you if you're in a style rut during this weird mid season period. Hopefully speak soon if I haven't shrivelled up in the library due to lack of sunlight. SOS. 

Thursday, 16 March 2017

'Sister' Styling: University Lookbook

Photographs taken by Hayley Sellars and me!

Hello! Today I'm sharing a little more of my ~creative/professional life~ and giving a snippet of a lookbook I recently styled as part of one of my university projects! It was SUCH a fun (albeit stressful project) but it's really cemented for me that styling is a sector of the industry I want to be a part of. The lookbook (which autocorrects to cookbook every god damn time) is for a brand we were tasked to create and provide a supporting brand handbook for and our group have had a great time completing this assignment! Our brand is called Sister, and celebrates all things inclusivity, accessibility and being unapologetically proud to stand out from the crowd. I think the fashion industry still has a way to go in regard to showcasing females that don't fit the typical white, slim, straight females and we really wanted to channel a more varied vibe that was truly representative of each and every time of woman! As students, our resources for this project were slightly limited, and with the typical British weather turning against us on shoot day, things took a bit of a stressful turn but overall I'm really proud of the outcome! We've still got three weeks to go until our hand in so the assignment isn't over yet but it's honestly been one of the most fun/rewarding/hands on things I've done within my degree and I've loved every second! 

We worked with some of the loveliest ladies as part of the shoot and the models in particular were such a dream! I will link their Instagram's at the end of this post if you wanted to check them out further because they're all super talented! As well as collaborating with a photographer from our university, we also worked with a fashion design student who created the blazer from one of the shots above! We added some badges to create a more Sister vibe and I think it looks ├╝ber cool! I'm thinking of sharing our brand handbook too when it's complete because we've spent SO long on packaging mock ups, social media profiles, brand values and logo design that I think it would be really interesting to get some feedback on it all. I hope you enjoyed this insight to my degree!

Our models:
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