Thursday, 4 May 2017


Jeans: Topshop Jacket: ASOS T-Shirt: Topshop Shoes: similar HERE Bag: similar HERE Earrings: Claire's Accessories

Slogan tees are my one true love right now, and with my ever expanding collection I'm having loads of fun styling them in different ways. Topshop are my go-to for female empowerment vibes right now, and one of the first additions to my collection was this 'Females of the Future' white tee which I've been wearing non stop! I've never been a huge denim lover in the form of jeans, always finding it impossible to find a pair that fit me perfectly all over, but I'm loving these old Topshop Mom jeans which I dug out from the back of my wardrobe when I was home over Easter. I was recently browsing the Man Repeller site (Leandra has my heart <3) and found the definition for Home Clothes: "The random crap you wear when you go home for the holidays, typically unearthed in your childhood bedroom closet, drawers and the plastic bins under your bed" which pretty much sums up the process of rediscovering these jeans. Despite their crumpled exterior upon pulling them from the depths of my drawers, I've been wearing them non stop since shooting this post and adore the way they look with slouchy and relaxed tees in particular. I've definitely had a jean-shaped hole in my wardrobe which has now been fulfilled; YAY.

As I'm writing this, it's my second to last week at university until September 2018 which is honestly blowing my mind every time I think about it. It's crazy to think that these deadlines are the last I'll have in over a year, but also SO refreshing and exciting to be on the cusp of experiencing the industry first hand. I'm v v vvvv apprehensive for what the next few months will hold but I'm planing on keeping my blog updated as regularly as possible with my thoughts and experiences as a diary both for myself and to keep you all in the loop too; obvs! I'm also so excited to explore London and immerse myself in as many free activities as possible (lol) so keep your eyes pealed for some tourist-y fun as I fully enjoy being a Londoner. I always feel so ~alive~ when I visit the capital (how cringe), but there really is something about the hustle and bustle which feels so film-like! I'm sure the novelty will wear off pretty quickly, but for now I'm definitely relishing in my excitement. 

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