Sunday, 24 November 2013

Cosy Christmas Knit

Hi guys!

It's another festive post this week as it's exactly one month until Christmas Eve (yay!) and I couldn't wait any longer to share quite possibly one of my favourite purchases of the year with you all :)

please excuse my awful nail painting skills (I promise they don't look this bad in real life!) and also how strange my layers look! Again they look nothing like this off camera!

Cosy comfy Christmas knit is the only way to sum up this jumper. I picked this it up last weekend in Topshop and I think it’s fair to say I’m head over heels for it. Not only is it perfect for the festive season, but it is made from the most beautiful material which is super soft and cosy so absolutely ideal for the colder winter months. It’s also covered in the most adorable gingerbread men; what more could you want in a Christmas jumper?!
On my nails this week I've been loving MUA’s ‘pistachio’ which is a gorgeous mint colour. Athough this may be more of a summery colour, I’ve been really liking to wear it to brighten up outfits! In other news, (I’m so excited I’m going to dance around my room for the next week) I now have my camera back which means blogging will be a lot easier and more frequent!

Let me know in the comments what your favourite nail polish of the moment is!


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