Saturday, 9 November 2013

Foundation Combination!

Hi guys!

First up I just want to apologise for not posting in what seems like forever but it’s been one of those weeks when life seems to get in the way. Unfortunatley whilst I was on holiday my camera was stolen *has emotional breakdown* so I haven't been able to take any pictures for blog posts which is SO ANNOYING! Luckily I have managed to borrow a camera from my sixth form so I can spend the weekend blogging my life away whilst I should be doing the 2519761 pieces of coursework I have, oops...

If you have read some of my previous posts then you’ll probably know that my Mac foundation is quite possibly my favourite thing ever. I'm not even exaggerating (which is something I do quite often...) when I say that it is pretty much everything that I look for in a foundation to suit my oily skin. In the past I have found it a little difficult to find a product that is high enough coverage to cover my blemishes and spots whilst also keeping my skin looking matte but this definitely does both of these things! It’s branded as medium to high coverage which I agree with as it is very easily buildable without looking cakey but also can be worn to look more natural which is what I often prefer. Seeing as Christmas is only just around the corner (you know you’re obsessed when you start putting Christmas playlists on repeat) then I’d definitely put it top of your present list if you’re wanting a high end foundation but aren’t sure which one to go for J  It is on the higher end of my budget at £20.50 I think it's really worth paying a little more for a product that works this well :)

A more affordable alternative to the Mac foundation is one which has been an all time favourite of mine for a long time from Max Factor. I love this foundation for giving a really lovely coverage whilst looking completely natural and lasting all day. I wore this foundation throughout secondary school so if your school rules are a little stricter I would really recommend this as it easily covers blemishes without looking too noticeable. As it’s from the drugstore it is a lot cheaper than Mac at £9.99 which is so so good for a product of this quality! I’ve been loving mixing a little of each foundation together at the moment as it not only creates the perfect colour for my skin but they also work really nicely together to make a lovely formula!

Let me know what your favourite foundations are in the comments as I seem to be the tinest bit obsessed with looking for the ultimate one!


Mac Studio Fix Fluid in the shade NC15
Max Factor Lasting Performace in the shade 100Fair

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