Friday, 6 December 2013

Catching Fire inspired nail art!

Hi guys!

The Hunger Games have been my favourite books for a very long time now and when Catching Fire was released earlier in November I quite literally squealed. I have seen Catching Fire twice so far and it was one of the most incredible films e v e r! If you haven't yet got round to watching it I 100% suggest you run off down to the cinema now and get yourself some popcorn too!

After seeing the film again last week I thought it would be fun to try and do some Catching Fire inspired nail art and share it with you guys! I've seen a few tutorials like this on instagram and pinterest and decided to try to re create my own! Hopefully some of you are as crazy about The Hunger Games as I am and can try it out for yourselves :)

These are the nail polishes that I chose to use for this look! I borrowed a couple from my sister (ssh don't tell her) but they're all high street brands so affordable and readily available in the drugstore/highstreet.

The first part of creating the Catching Fire nail art is to create a base layer of a plain red colour. I chose quite a bright shade from Revlon because I think it makes the look even more dramatic but any shade that you have at home already would work just as well :)

The next step is the most important part of the design in creating the 'fire' effect. To do this I used a sponge to add ombrè look to my nails. The first step to doing this is to use the nail polish brush to dab some of the product onto a sponge. If you want a more intense colour then you can also paint a small strip of nail varnish across the tip of the nail too. I used the sponge whilst the colour was still wet and dabbed this across the top section of my nail focusing and concentrating more on the tip. The nail varnish I chose was from the Barry M Gelly range in the shade 'Mango' which is a really nice and vibrant colour. 

Using a sponge for this step is really important as it helps to create a graduated look which adds to the overall flame look!  

The final part of my Catching Fire inspired design is to add some glitter! This step isn't necessary if glitter and sparkly nails aren't really your thing but they are definitely mine! I used Topshop's 'Razzmatazz' to add an extra something to the tip of my nails to finish off the design and I think this definitely makes the design a bit more impressive and fun! Obviously this step can be missed out if you don't have a glitter polish or it isn't something you want to do and a clear top coat can be added straight away! :)
This is the finished look! I hope the steps are easy to follow and you guys can try to re create the design for yourselves! If you do and post it on instagram then tag me and I'll have a look! There is a link to my instagram at the top of my blog if you want to have a look or tag me in a picture!:) 

Happy Hunger Games everyone!

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