Monday, 9 December 2013

Clothes Show Live 2013

Hi there!

Today's post is something a teensy bit different because I'm feeling all christmasy and spontaneous and so decided to put together a few photographs I took at this years Clothes Show Live. If you aren't familiar with this event then I am going to put a link to the website at the end of this post but in short it's an exhibition of current fashion and style with catwalks, vintage shopping oppurtunites, make up and fashion university stalls too! I took my big girl camera with me so I could try and take some good quality pictures to share with you all so hopefully they'll be interesting!

The independent vintage stalls (for a charity shop lover like me) were one of the best parts of the day as they all had some ah-mazing pieces, a few of which I may have invested in...

I was actually pretty proud of myself for not going completely crazy *pats self on back* and being more sensible with my money (for once) and I managed to hold back on most of the tartan covered, amazing leather and denim studded pieces. If anyone is interested in the purchases I did make then I can do a haul post soon!

bath bomb h e a ve n
Sorry for such a rubbishy photo of my outfit but I didn't have chance to take any proper OOTD pictures so I thought I'd include this one to just give a little idea of the look I was going for :)

These are just a few snaps from my day but it was such a fun event which I would 100% recommend for anyone thinking of going next year! It's also really helpful if you are thinking about a career in fashion because there are plenty of University students there to talk to who were all really lovely and helpful :)


ps. guys the picture of me and maz makes me die of happiness a little every time I look at it so I just had to include it aaahhh *tries to calm down and act cool*
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