Wednesday, 31 July 2013


Hi there!

So this is part 2 of my haul which is going to include all of the clothing items! If you didn't read part 1 of the haul which focused on the beauty things I bought then you can view it here .

First I went to Topshop and bought two items of clothing:

The first thing I picked up was this pair of red and grey tartan trousers. I know they won't be everyone's cup of tea but I personally love them! I think they are something a bit different to add to my wardrobe and I am going to enjoy styling them; I already have a post lined up! They were £25 which for Topshop I think is very cheap and although I don't know what they are made from, they feel thick and warm so will be perfect for the fast approaching autumn months. 

The other thing I bought from Topshop is this blue spotty dress. I don't have many summer dresses as I tend to head towards skirts so felt this was perfect to add to my wardrobe as it's so cute. I thought it was also quite casual so I would get a lot of wear out of it too :)

Next up isn't a clothing item but I thought I would still include it. These two Cath Kidston frames were in the sale reduced to only £4! I used the top one as a gift and kept the pink one for my room as I thought it would look nice on my dressing table.

My only purchase from Primark was this floral head band. I already have a flowery hair band which featured in my '30 Day Snap' post but seeing as this was only £1.50 I thought I might as well pick it up as it is slightly more subtle than my other one.

And that's everything I bought! I know it wasn't a lot but I thought I would share it with all of you because I really am loving some of the items and thought you might like to check some of them out too :)


Haul- Beauty!

Hi there!

This is the first ever time i've written a haul post and i'm really excited to share what I got with you all :) I went shopping a while ago and took all the pictures for this post and then completely forgot about writing it so i've had all of these items for a while now. I think this has actually turned out quite well though as it means i've head a chance to try everything out so I can tell you exactly what I think of my purchases!

I am splitting the haul into two parts-fashion and beauty, because as I said I want to explain if I like the products or not and don't want to bore you with one really lengthy post. 

First up from Boots I purchased this Gelly nail polish from Barry M. I have a few Barry M polishes already and really like using them as they are fast drying and don't chip easily so I had high hopes for the Gelly range! I have only worn this nail polish once since purchasing but it is definitely one of my favourites as it is shiny and the colour is gorgeous! Mine is in the shade blueberry and it cost £3.99.

I purchased two lip products on my shopping spree, also from Boots. The top product in the picture is a lip stain from '17'. I have never tried anything from this brand before however I have seen this product featured on instagram previously and heard good things about it! The one I bought is in the shade 'Cherry Berry' and is a gorgeous colour! It is very pigmented and so comes off very brightly on the lips however I have only used it about 3 times and I already feel like there isn't much colour left. For £4.99 I probably will re purchase this because it is a lovely product and the colour is beautiful but I feel like it is running out far too quickly.

Next I bought the 'Collection Cream Puff' lip product. I have heard amazing things about this on YouTube and so decided to give it a go as the concept seemed really cool! The formula of the product is like a lipgloss but with a matte finish. It is so pigmented meaning that although it's only a small tube, it will go a long way! I bought the shade 'Cotton Candy'. It retails for "£2.99 which I think is extremely good for the quality of the product :)

I didn't buy too many beauty things but I have got a few more clothing items to post about so I thought it might be nice to split it into two!

Have you tried any of the above products? What did you think of them?



Saturday, 27 July 2013

Nail art ideas!

Hi there!

Since leaving school at the end June I have taken advantage of being able to wear nail varnish and have been experimenting with nail art ideas. I thought I would do a post on my 3 favourite nail designs and share how I created each of them. 

The first and my most loved nail design of this post is the watermelon nails. I love this design for summer as it's so bright and fun and was so easy to create :)

1) Apply a base coat to your nails
2) Apply a shade of red of your choice all over the nail (depending on the brand and quality you may need to repeat this step)
3) apply a green nail varnish to the tips of your nails to form the outside of the watermelon.
4) Using a nail art pen (if you do not have one of these, dipping a cocktail stick in black nail varnish works just as well) apply dots to the red part of your nail.
5) Voila! Perfect watermelon nails :) :)
These daisy nails can be painted onto any base colour which is why I love them so much; they work with whichever colour you fancy :)

1) Apply a base coat to your nails
2) cover your whole nail with your chosen colour. I would advise using a darker colour so that the white of the flower petals shows up
3) Using a nail art pen (again cocktail sticks work just as well) apply a yellow dot in approximently the center of your nail.
4) Around the yellow spot, apply white dots of roughly the same size to form the petals of the daisy.
5) Finish off with a top coat to prevent chipping!
Lastly, I have chosen to include a fairly simple and easy yet fun design that I think works all year round.

1) Apply a base coat
2) Apply chosen colour (again I would recommend something darker so the white shows up so avoid colours like pale pink)
3) Using a nail art pen, draw thin lines onto your nail to create a pin stripe design. Continue to do this on alternate nails.
4) On the nails in between draw small dots to form a polka dot pattern
5) Complete the design with a top coat for extra shine!

And those are my top three nail art designs! I use nail art pens that came in a set from Hamleys and unfortuantley I can't find the exact ones that I have but they have some very similar HERE . Nail art pens can be purchased from quite a few shops including Ebay which has some for very affordable prices however as I said in this post cocktail sticks work just as well!

I hope you enjoyed this slightly more creative post, I had a lot of fun writing it!

Charlotte's web x x x 

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Summer OOTD!

Hi there!

So today I went out along with my mum, sister and a couple of friends to have a picnic at Thetford Forest which is a nature park about an hour away from where we live which has lots of walking routes and is just a fun place to spend a sunny day! Here are some pictures of my outfit :)

Crop top-Topshop
Flip flops-Accessorize
Bracelets- Market in Tenerife
I really like this rucksack! I bought it from Accessorize last year and have got a lot of wear out of it as I feel like it brings a lot of outfits together and also has a lot of space to fit everything inside it :)

The outfit is fairly simple but it was nice to wear something fairly light as the weather in England is quite hot at the moment! I hope you liked the outfit :)


Friday, 5 July 2013

Cleaning make up brushes!

Hi there!

Todays post is about a job that I usually dread carrying out even though it is really simple and easy! Cleaning make-up brushes should be carried out regularly as not only do the brushes get make-up building up in them but they also carry a lot of germs. Every time you use your brushes (in particular face brushes) they pick up germs or bacteria from your skin and so when you use them again you are putting those germs back onto your skin which leads to spots. Although washing brushes is a very mundane and boring job, it's very important if you want to keep your skin as clear as possible :)

When I washed my brushes a couple of days ago, I took some pictures at each step so that in this post I can go through exactly how I wash my make-up brushes.

These are the brushes that I am washed for this post. The gold coloured brushes are from the Core Collection from Real Techniques and the pink brush is also from Real Techniques and is the Stippling Brush. This picture is just before I washed my brushes and so they are dirty in this picture. 

In your sink, run some warm water. You will need enough water to be able to rinse your brushes in and also to dip them into the water so make sure you have run enough for this to be possible.


Pick a shampoo of your choice to wash your brushes with. It can be any shampoo at all and I just chose this Dove one because I was using it at the time to wash my hair with. 

Pour some of the shampoo onto the palm of your hand. I would advise you to use roughly the amount pictured above as this is the perfect amount to be able to clean the brush with!


Dip your brush into the water and then into the shampoo in your hand and use circular motions to create a lather that will clean the make up from your brush. Continue repeating this process by dipping the brush back into the water to clean excess shampoo from it and then lather again. By repeating you are helping to ensure your brushes will be as clean as possible!


Finally, rinse all the shampoo off of your brushes and dab them onto a towel to make sure there isn't a lot of water left in your brush as this could damage it. After towel drying them, leave your brushes in a warm place so that they can fully dry off.

And that's it! A very simple way to clean your make up brushes :) I hope that this post has been useful for those of you who may have been unsure on how to do this and hope you enjoyed reading.

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