Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Mini Boots haul!

Hi there!

I must admit it felt a little like a miracle when I walked out of Boots last week having managed to only pick up three items as that shop is my biggest weakness. There is just something about Boots that makes me fill my basket full of make up and hair care products yet still manage to convince myself it's okay because it's not as expensive as high end (as I was typing this out I realised my theory makes no sense which is probably where I am going wrong...).

Bourjous bronzing primer- £9.99
Aussie hair mask- £1.09
L'Oreal Micellar Solution £3.33
I've been lusting after the Chanel 'Soleil tan de Chanel' for what seems like forever now but just can't justify spending so much money (oh to be a millionaire) so opted for the Bourjous version. I've seen many people talking about how similar this is to the Chanel bronzer so thought I'd give it a whirl and see how if I liked it. Oh gosh, this is probably THE lovliest bronzer ever!! Although it's branded as a primer, I've been wearing it over my foundation (I know, what a wild life I lead) on my cheekbones and I've been loving it. Not only is it amazing at adding another dimension to my make up look but it also smells incredible so you can't really go wrong! 

I thought I'd give my hair a little treat and after browsing for a ridiculously long time in the hair care section decided to pick up the Aussie 3 'Minute Miracle' hair mask. I've stopped using heat on my hair completely now *claps hands for healthier hair* but thought I'd give my locks a little conditioning treat with this mask. It was only £1.09 and there is so much product in the sachet that I used it 3 times to give my hair a deep condition :)

Lastly is another product which has been talked about non stop in the blogging world because of its similarities to Bioderma and it's the 'Skin Perfection' Micellar solution from L'oreal. I've been on the hunt for Bioderma for some time but seeing as it's not readily avaiable in the UK I figured that this would be the next best thing. I've been loving using this to remove all my eye make-up because it removes all traces of mascara and eyeliner so effortlessly!

That's all from my mini haul (ooh I'm a poet and I didn't know it) but I'm super happy with everything I picked up. I might even have to make another trip back to Boots to celebrate...

Charlotte ♥

Bourjous bronzer link
L'Oreal micellar solution

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