Wednesday, 26 February 2014

and honey you should see me in a crown

Hi there!

Smock dress - Topshop 
Bag - Alphabet bags
Tights - Primark
Chelsea Boots - Topshop
Rings - Primark 
Coat - Topshop
Nails - Essie 'After School Boy Blazer'

Whilst glancing through the notes on my phone the other day I stumbled across my new years resolutions and found that one of them was to direct my blog to be more fashion based. As this is my first OOTD of 2014 I don't think I'm doing so well with that one (or any of my other resolutions) but I'm going  to try my absolute hardest to upload more fashion posts! This is a typical outfit for me at the moment, smock dresses are my favourites pieces at the moment because they can look so effortlessly cool and casual but can be dressed up as well. My bag is also a new-ish love of mine which I've been wearing non stop to college at the moment for a more relaxed look to outifts. I forgot to take photo's of my shoes but I just threw on my Topshop black chelsea boots which I think add a cute edge when worn with a dress (you can see my shoes in this previous post!) 

London was such a fun day and seeing the 221B door from Sherlock (see my photo diary here) was 100% the highlight, I've turned into such a fangirl. 

Charlotte <3
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