Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Beauty Battle: The high end mascara

Hi there!

Since the start of 2014 I've been seeing a lot of my favourite bloggers start new features for the New Year but being the unorganised blogger that I am *slap self on wrist* I didn't plan anything for the start of the year. I thought it would be nice to include some regular features on my blog and have decided on two main ones which I hope you will enjoy!

 The one I am most excited about introducing is my 'Beauty Battle's' feature which will include reviews of two similar products and looking at all the fun stuff like if they're worth the hype and comparing them to one another:) I'm starting off the feature by comparing two of my absoloute favourite mascara's, YSL's Babydoll and Benefit's 'They're Real'.

I recieved my Benefit 'They're Real' mascara for my birthday last year and it's been a firm favourite of mine since! There's something about the packaging of both of these products which I adore and in particular with my Benefit mascara it has to be the cute colour scheme! The product itself is amazing, it really is true to its name when it claims to give a false lash effect which is one of the main reasons I adore this mascara. The formula is incredible and works amazingly with the wand to give the perfect definition and volume to my lashes without looking clumpy and thick like some other mascara's claiming to give the same effect The only negative comment I could make is that it is a little tricky to remove even though it's not marketed as waterproof but this is definitely outweighed by the amazing look that it gives to my lashes!

I've only had my YSL 'Babydoll' mascara since this Christmas however it still managed to make it into my 2013 favourites post which just about sums up my love for this product. With possibly the prettiest packaging ever my love for this mascara doesn't end on the exterior as similarly to 'They're real' it really does give the look of fake eyelashes. The one thing I love about this product is that it lengthens and volumises my lashes which creates the prettiest fluttery lashes whilst still looking super thick. In comparison I think this is one of the best part of this mascara as 'They're real' is more for adding volume. Both mascara's are definitely the favourites in my collection but I think I would probably repurchase Benefits 'They're real' over YSL just because of the amazing overall look it gives!

I hope you like the idea of this feature and let me know if there are any beauty areas you'd like me to compare next! Also let me know in the comments if you've tried either of these mascaras and your thoughts on them :)

Charlotte ♥
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