Sunday, 27 April 2014

Skincare Sunday: Origins Zero Oil Cleanser

Hi there!
Since I decided my old skincare routine just wasn't cutting it I've purchased a few new products and have been really enjoying a couple in particular! Origins is a brand I have always loved and I think everything about their products is just so lovely! I'd heard a lot about the Zero Oil cleaner before and decided to give it a whirl after seeing so many positive comments and (yay for me) I'm so glad I did!

One of the key ingredients in the cleanser is mint so it's super soothing on blemish breakout prone skin and also smells amazing too! I usually use this as part of my morning skincare routine and it leaves my skin feeling amazingly clean and looking brighter and healthier too so it's perfect to use before applying make up! My skin can get very oily throughout the day but I find that this product really helps to keep it at bay and leaves my skin feeling better for longer. Origins only use natural ingredients so if you have sensitive skin I think this would definitely still be great for you because there is nothing too harsh or stripping in it at all. My skin overall has improved a lot since changing a few of the products I'm using on a day to day basis and I would definitely say this is one that has had the most impact on my skins condition! It retails at £18 which although may be a little more expensive is definitely worth splurging that bit more on.
Let me know if you've tried any origins products, after loving this one so much I definitely want to look into more!

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